Windows App Frequently Logs Off

We’ve recently experienced frequent app log-offs and needing to log-in the app lately. What’s going on?

iOS too. It throws an error, blows out, and then need to login again.

I Think that I fixed this in my setup, by removing the affected mobile presence phones from any automation and removing the phones from smartthings. Once I readded them they seem to be working fine.

I was wrong. I still get logged out. it happens on both my devices :frowning:
Anyone know how to fix?


Same here. ST says its due to some new login process and they will have to fix it in the future. No ETA

same here, I have 2 x Windows 10 Mobile as our main Smartthings app and constantly need to re-sign in the Smartthings app on a daily basis… this is pretty annoying, especially when you simply need to turn on the light!

I don’t have any iThing (far too expensive for what it is!) and don’t use Android for security concerns!

I’m new here, and got a Smartthings Hub mainly because I have a Windows Phone. Having the same problem with logouts. How does this forum work with Smartthings support? Do they read here are do we have to gripe by calling someone?