Keep getting kicked out of app!

Something started happening yesterday where my wife and I both get kicked out of the smart things app. We go to use it and it’s at the log in, sign up screen. One of us can login but a few minutes after the other one logs in we get kicked out of the app again. One of us can stay in as long as the other doesn’t login. What’s happening? This has been working fine since they introduced the ability to have multiple users.

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Just had the same problem but couldn’t login at all. Had to delete the app and reinstall it to get in.

We’ve had the issue since 2.04 on iOS. Its not new. Once it starts its occasional and annoying.

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It started yesterday for me too. Not sure on the wife’s phone.

Yeah this happened to myself and the wife and is a huge issue as it breaks using your phone as a presence device, which causes the everything to fall apart - such as, I leave the house, and all the lights turn off even though my wife and her phone are still at home.

I’d love for smartthings to acknowledge the issue and let us know if it’s a one time occurrence or if it could happen again.

Can confirm too, it’s happening on my GF’s iPhone, fine for me on Android.

Same issue here. Its driving me crazy.

It had stopped doing it for awhile and it just started up again.

It’s the setup of widgets. Use them. Logs you out. #smartthingsissues

Widgets? I don’t think my GF has any widgets on her iPhone but it logs her out.

I just started using SmartThings Hub v2 and the SmartThings app on iOS.
Both my wife and I’s phone gets kicked out intermittently.

My best guess is that they (SmartThings team) are doing something to the backend API servers which is losing auth tokens for our devices and when the Cordova / Ionic web based mobile app is doing a “auth check” with the server it’s not returning a successfully authenticated user and it kicks it to the login screen.

My familiarity with this stuff is possibly clouding my judgement but it’s what I would look at if I were on their team first… but who knows.

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It was doing a lot better and this crap starting back up again. I am getting tired of having to log back into the app. I am glad that the routens still work even when I’m not logged into the app on the phone. The other things that is starting to happen when trying to log back in is that it it can’t connect to the internet.

I understand that this is really my only frustration I have the ST product, since everything else I have is working just fine.

Man, I thought it was my phone, thank you for posting. Oddly enough my Nest app is doing this too… ST app however seems back to normal. the most annoying part was having to reset the widgets…

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My Nest app has started doing this too since the outages this past weekend.

It cracks me up that Samsung is willing to put out a brand-new TV with a ST hub. But they can’t even get an app to be stable enough for the platform. I have to re-login to the app with username and password at least three times a day

I’m on Android and I’ve had the app crashing here and there. Maybe every few days. Not just that, but the app seems pretty buggy all around. My biggest issues have been icons not updating properly. I never really know if a light is already on or not because the icons don’t update. A lot of times a light is on and it shows off or it’s off and shows on.

It also seems to be pretty unreliable when it comes to letting you know if a routine was successful or not. I was standing in my living room and pushing the goodnight routine and nothing was happening. I tried it several times and got nothing. Then, I went through the lights one at a time and they worked like normal. I’m hoping some of this is resolved soon.

Well it did it again this morning!

I have not had the issues since my last post. I am getting a lot of buggy issues with the app in the Dashboard and my home section (things).

Yup, I didn’t want to, but I’ve stopped using the widgets and have yet to be kicked out. My home automation expansion is definitely on hold until Smarthings gets their act together. The mobile app needs needs an overhaul. It’s way too cluttered and overly complex. The system mostly works for me because I’m a techie, I’ve been willing to put in the time and energy to make it work but for the typical non techie customer looking to automate their home I would not recommend it.

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My wife has to open her app repeatedly throughout the day or her mobile presence stops updating. She doesn’t do this unless the house is freezing cold because it doesn’t know she’s home. It’s a problem she wont tolerate forever. She’s never used widgets.