App Continually Logs Me Out

Any of the 9 Windows Phone users out there :wink: experiencing the ST app logging you out during the day?
It seems like the one or two times I go into the app per day I always have to log back in.
I believe this is keeping my automations that rely on my presence to not fire. I’m about ready to open a support ticket on this.

I’m running a Lumia 928 w/ Windows 10 Mobile on Verizon. Latest ST app.

My Alcatel Idol 4S running the release preview is running pretty good the last two weeks. I don’t remember the last time I was forced to log in, so at least a week on that. My presence is still not working at all, but aside from CoRE not being configurable and the occasional red banner error in other apps it’s all shiny here.

I am also experiencing this. Pretty frustrating.

This is on a Lumia 640 w/Windows 10 (OS Build: 10.0.14392.479)
Smart Things app version:

I am also having this same problem after the most recent update. We have 3 Windows Phones in the family all of which log out of the application.

The 1 Android phone does not experience this issue, however.

I’m having the same problem on my Lumia 950 - my wife’s Lumia 920 (running WP 8.1) doesn’t seem to be doing it.
I emailed support and they said it’s a known problem and they’re working to fix it.
@alex any chance of getting this fixed soon? It’s a pretty big problem for using any presence based automations…

I experience same issue on my Lumia W10 phone and had to use MeMu emulator to create pistons due to the red banner you’re not authorized error. Hopefully, it gets fixed soon!

I have to continually log in when I use the app also on my 950 and ruins my presence triggers, my wife never opens the app on her 950 and her presence is sensed more reliabley.

I had it log me out of the app after less than an hour today. That was especially annoying.

Same here on my Lumia 950. Length of time before being logged out seems pretty random - could it be when the OS terminates the app (does the OS still do that under Windows 10) or the app crashes?

Very annoying as I keep setting of the Smart Home Monitor if the app has ended when I arrive home :frowning: