Wimotos back on Indiegogo in a second batch

I’m surprised this doesn’t happen more often, though Project creators could save on fees by setting up their own sales sites…
Then again, prior to first production, backers may be more aware of the risks and delays when using a crowd-funding source.

WiMoto “motes” are Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) based sensors (100ft range or less?) that are relatively inexpensive ($40/each) and long battery life.


Unfortunately the SmartThings SmartHub does not include Bluetooth in current HW; but WiMoto will be producing a $99 Arduino based bridge to their Cloud (i.e., Bluetooth to WiFi). Without the WiMoto Bridge; transmission is limited to compatible smartphones only.

The Bridge will be hackable – Come to think about it; that might be handy for other brands of BLE type sensors that start to arrive in the future?

$40 for a water sensor, for example certainly beats the $70-ish range we’ve been seeing for Z-Wave based ones; so I’m pretty tempted. Just hard to decide which Motes I “need”!