B-Hyve Orbit Wifi Irrigation controller

Hi folks,
anyone seen any custom devices for this?

$99 at HomeDepot
Given you can log in and its wifi (I was hoping someone smarter than me could integrate with smartthings)?

Any ideas?

In my limited searching, I couldn’t find an API. Someone might be able to sniff the wire, but that may not work either.

Any new update with b-hyve?

It may not work with Smartthings but if you live in Manatee County Florida, Lowes has them for $100 with a $100 rebate from the county (you get a free WiFi sprinkler timer). I’m down visiting and saw it there with my son-in-law tonight.

I have 3 of these b-hyve timers and love them. They connect directly to your home WiFi and you can use the b-hyve app from anywhere in the world. Would be great if they could connect to SmartThings hub, but I haven’t seen any reference to that ability. Since ST has 2.4G frequency with Zigbee, maybe it is possible? I am about to purchase a ST Hub (new user) so will hopefully be more familiar with ST soon :slight_smile:

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Zigbee and WiFi run in the same frequency (2.4 GHz) but on are completely different protocols, sort of like a radio station that broadcasts in a different language. The SmartThings hub is not set up to send or receive Wi-Fi transmissions. When there is an integration with a Wi-Fi device it is typically “cloud to cloud” meaning that SmartThings sends a message over the Internet to the other company’s cloud which then communicates to its own device.

Beyond that, though, there’s the question of whether the other device will accept a message from what is, to it, an unknown sender. This is why you will see a lot of discussion in the forums of “open API.” A device which has an open API, like the Phillips hue bridge, has published the commands that it expects to receive and the format in which it expects to receive them, and welcomes interaction with devices from other companies. But many companies have a “closed API,” and will not accept Messages from devices made by other companies and won’t publish the format that would work.

This particular product doesn’t seem to have any open APIs, and only has one integration, with Amazon Alexa. So there’s just no way to get a nonvoice message to it that it will act on. It would be possible to group it with some other devices in an Alexa group for simple voice control, but that’s not usually what people are looking for when they talk about SmartThings integration.

There’s an article in the community – created wiki on just which protocols SmartThings supports – – you might find it of interest:


Thank you again JD,
Once again you have just saved me time (and money) I really wanted to go to Orbit (and B-Hyve), but I couldn’t find any connection to SmartThings. Guess I will have to continue looking.
Again, Thank you