Bluetooth support

Not sure if the search function is not working very well or if I’m just blind, but I don’t see this topic anywhere.

On the Kickstarter page bluetooth is listed as a supported connectivity method but I’m not really seeing anything talking about it on the forums or how to pair devices to it. Ultimately I want to use my phone as a presence sensor since I am much more likely to have it on my person than a fob.

Any input?

No Bluetooth support in the Kickstarter hub but you can use the Geofence on your phone if its iOS. Android is coming soon.

Is that stated somewhere that you can link? It still says it on their Kickstarter page and I didn’t notice anything in the updates (but I can’t say I have examined each one carefully).


“This micro-USB powered station currently supports ZigBee, Z-Wave and IP-accessible devices.”

Opportunity here to design and build a bridge.

The design question is: Is it worthwhile to build a SmartHub to Bluetooth bridge? Probably limits the market too much.

Rather: An IP to Bluetooth bridge.

But is there a protocol standard for Bluetooth Home Automation? (i.e., what should the packets look like)…

For example, the “Motes” project uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) as their transport, and their infrastructure will eventually include a bridge (to their cloud, I presume; though maybe they will allow local API calls…).

Motes Link


something new about bluetooth support in smartthings?
Perhaps by connecting a usb bluetooth plug?

I would like to ask because there are some sensors/actors out there with bluetooth LE (smart) or coming in the next months.
The above namend motes, the cortado ( or the TI sensor tag (

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As far as I’ve heard there has been no further action on Bluetooth support. As you mention, it will almost certainly need to come via a hardware addition as I’m pretty sure there is no BT readio in the Hub.

On a semi-related note, it’s interesting (at least to me) to speculate how additional hardware might come into play here. For instance, will we see something like a “secondary” hub that plugs into your router and provides additional radios (BT, WiFi, etc). And then the Hub and the 2nd hub talk to each other over the router?

Or might it be more in the line of an expansion module that connects directly to the existing hub? May you plug from the hub’s ethernet jack to the expansion module, which then itself plugs into the router?

Still another possibility would be for the expansion module to be completely wireless. You just plug it in and the hub talks to it via Zigbee or Zwave and the expansion “translates” the BT or Wifi or whatever communication.

Finally, there’s always the possibility of Hub 2.0 with built in BT, WiFi, etc. In this case a user would replace the old hub with the new all in one unit. (This seems the least desirable to me… It means I need to “re-buy” half the new hub as I already have a Zigbee and Zwave radio set. It also means I’d need to physically exclude and then repair every device I have: 43 devices already… not included about a dozen virtual tiles setup for various tasks.)


I hinted at the topic of Blue-Tooth (+ other protcols…) bridging in my post above:

The ongoing concern: There is STILL no direct IP (LAN without needing to pass through the SmartCloud…) connectivity to our SmartHubs.

What’s up with that? At one point, the target date for delivery of LAN-IP connectivity was end of July … 2013.

Recent purchaser just joined the forum. I was hoping and assumed the Bluetooth LE support but a bit disappointed to find out otherwise. I think BTLE technology such as iBeacon would make a great addition to ST. For example I’d like to use iBeacon as presence detector instead of geofencing, which probably consumes more battery for constant use of GPS and has potential privacy implication. My car has automatic link which recently added ibeacon functionality via firmware update, then again my car would gain a presence detector. I also hope that BTLE support would be added via some kind of a external h/w device.

I am not seeing the benefit of BTLE in the hub, but I believe with a little work iBeacons can be incorporated into STs as is.

I just received some gimbal and estimote beacons and am going to see if I can pull of using them as triggers. My knowledge is sadly limited, but I imagine it would be relatively simple to create an app that sent an http request(s) when a beacon is within a certain range of a phone. Just a proof of concept for now, not sure if I can pull it off, but a good learning experience nevertheless.

End goal is to have iBeacons throughout the house to enable granular level presence for SmartThings. Once that happens, the possibilities are very exciting!

Keep us posted @Wheeler. It’d be great if iBeacon can be part of ST system. Best luck!

What will be really nice about adding something like iBeacons to this system is that it can not only detect whether you are home or not, but it can detect exactly where you are inside your house. That is as long as you are attached to your cell phone, which at this point I think most of us are (sadly?).

@Wheeler wrote:

End goal is to have iBeacons throughout the house to enable granular level presence for SmartThings. Once that happens, the possibilities are very exciting!

I totally agree with the latter, but you miss a HUGE point of iBeacons: You won’t need them all “throughout the house” to have granular sensing. You just need TWO, preferably at opposite corners. iBeacons triangulate your location from there! With iBeacon integration, you would only need door and motion sensors for intrusion detection, not for tracking people with their phones on them and linked to ST!

This is potentially huge and ST will get abandoned if it doesn’t add it. This potential is the main thing I’m worried about for future proofing my HA, because I think BLE/iBeacon HA is coming really, really soon and will solve some tricky problems while offering compelling savings.

Question regarding jawbone Up integration I see from this CES demo

How does ST talks with Up? This was one of the reason why I assumed BT support out of the box in ST. If not bluetooth, is Up talking to iPhone then it relays the trigger to the hub? (In which case you would have to have both iPhone and Up with you to work I assume.)

It’s great to see more integration and support for devices coming nonetheless, but as a newcomer to ST platform information seems to be a bit scattered and all over the place.

Thank you.

ST communicates with Jawbone via an HTTP API. So it is talking to Jawbone’s cloud service.

My guess is there will eventually be a new version of the hub that adds bluetooth and is generally a more powerful system. The goal there being to enable more things to run locally on the hub instead of needing to route through the cloud for everything.

ST communicates with Jawbone via an HTTP API. So it is talking to Jawbone’s cloud service.

Thanks. But doesn’t it mean jawbone is somehow connected to internet? My question more specifically is how it transmits the HTTP and talk to cloud. It’s gotta be via phone, I can only imagine. And you not just have to have the phone with you but also make sure that jawbone app is running.

jawbone up -(BT)- phone -(jawbone cloud)-ST

The video also shows ST locking/unlocking August smartlock (, which again only speaks via bluetooth. So in both case the user has have phone with him/her. I do carry my iPhone everywhere I go but it would be much better to have an option not to, that those functions (Up, August, other BT devices) work with our without a smartphone present. New hub with built in BT would be nice but not so much for those who just shed $99 on the current model, so I hope there would be a method that enables BT in current hub.(external h/w device)


@differentcomputers. Wouldn’t you need 3 beacons for triangulation?

The drawback to having beacons placed in a few spots is the online sensor, ie phone, needs to be on you and charged at all times to be effective. Wouldn’t a better setup be to have the beacon on yourself, say in a watch, and internet connected BTLE sensors plugged into a few locations around the house. The beacon on your wrist could last for over a year, and nothing would even need to be charged. More expensive setup but much better for HA.

I have this sneaking suspicion that Apple is working on some type of HA system of their own. They bought iBeacon, but also the company that invented Kinect. Kinect doesn’t only detect body motion, it is also capable of face recognition. So with something like that, you wouldn’t need to be carrying any electronics.

Purely speculation, but if you think about it, what other product segment is still pretty much up for grabs that they haven’t already entered? I know their investors are clamoring for some new killer product to materialize.

Wouldn’t a better setup be to have the beacon on yourself, say in a watch ...

… or even better, a chip implant. :slight_smile:

Just saw this interview Alex had with Robert Scoble (back in Sep 2012) and at 7 min 20 second spot Alex says it has bluetooth LE along with other communication protocols. Also in that Le Web kenote bluetooth was mentioned as ‘eventually’. So I wonder if BTLE was dropped at the last minute or it’s there waiting be activated via firmware update.