Will the SmartLighting SmartApp come to an end when Groovy/IDE finally comes to an end?

Will the SmartLighting SmartApp come to an end when Groovy/IDE finally comes to an end?

That is my main use right now of SmartThings.

Should I start deleting SmartLighting automations now and recreating them as Routines to get prepared?

Or leave it to SmartThings to transition it when the time comes?

Yes, Smart Lighting will be phased out when groovy is shut down.

Should you start deleting? I would recommend that you start planning to move them over to Routines. You may wish to start testing now and be ready.

I doubt ST will provide a migration tool of the Smart Lighting rules so you should plan on manually migrating them yourself.


SmartThings said this during the Edge announcement, but yes I think I will start making the changes myself now.

“Once we work through the initial bugs and glitches, we will begin upgrading your devices from Device Type Handlers to Edge Drivers in phases. When we begin upgrading your device, the transition should be seamless; any associated Automations that can run locally will automatically transition to your Hub. We appreciate your patience while we ensure a great and seamless experience for all users.”

This part means that any current Routine (which was previously called Automations) that can run locally will switch from the cloud to local execution on the hub. But Smart Lighting is not covered as far as migrating them over to Automations which is a totally different process. Some of the features in Smart Lighting are not currently available in Routines so it would be impossible to migrate them to a workable Automation/Routine. But who knows… things could change.

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The existing one certainly will and I can’t imagine them wanting to create a bespoke or Rules based replacement. It seems more likely that they’ll make sure Routines have all the functionality they need to replace it.

I suppose they might be able to create a migration tool but I hope they don’t as it just encourages users to leave things to the last minute. The app migration was a kick in the teeth for many users and that shouldn’t happen again.


Okay, I have not been paying attention, smart lighting is going away?

What should I use to get local processing instead of smart lighting?

Aren’t the only processing apps that are local is smart lighting?

What else runs local?

Quote direct from ST staff in response to my query about the demise of SmartLighting

“SmartLighting isn’t going anywhere for now. It will eventually (like everything else) be backed by Rules API but users won’t have to actively do anything.”

This suggests that migration will be automatic. Fingers crossed…

This will make a couple of particular users slightly embarrassed as, without any inside knowledge of the situation, they’ve been actively ordering other users to transition from using Smart Lighting to using the inferior Automations for at least a year now.


Pity that ST haven’t been on this forum to quell any fears about the transitioning of SmartLighting rules to the new Rules API.

ST staff have indicated informally on this forum, this year, that Smart Lighting is a legacy app whose use would be deprecated in future, and engaged in discussion about what functionality Automations (Routines) still required to be able to replace Smart Lighting. So this titbit could represent a relatively recent change in intention. It could also be wrong. As could the previous information. We still don’t really know for sure.

While I personally have always tried to convey an air of uncertainty, perhaps unsuccessfully, I have always regarded migrating from Smart Lighting to Automations/Routines or the Rules API to be reasonable advice given the best information available at the time.

I also advise it because of Smart Lighting’s idiosyncratic handling of multiple motion sensors and toggles and the inevitable question mark over what would happen if an attempt was made to replicate Smart Lighting using the Rules API. Would/should these quirks be replicated? Also how will the transition away from legacy features like button numbers and child devices be handled?

The real danger, as I see it, is in users not being


I had already heard about closing smart lighting, but I came across this topic looking for info on the disappearance I had already heard about closing smart lighting, but I came across this topic looking for info on the disappearance of smart lighting now :roll_eyes: Because tonight I realized that in my ST this smartapp has disappeared. Right or wrong, I had already started doing routines to replace my smart lighting rules, but I wasn’t done. I still had 6 to do, and now how do I do it? All the rules I had in smart lighting no longer work. Mysteries… What’s going on?

This in my idea, there is no more smart lighting. I thought of writing here, maybe as an old man make a specific topic? In this case excuse me if you need can Ello here is I write a new topic.

Still available in some regions, not all.

Some people in Northern Europe had smart lighting from the classic app, deleted it, and then were not able to add it back. :disappointed_relieved:

How to install smart apps here

I have tried and can add smart lighthing.
Problem is, it adds up like new and I’ve lost all my rules.
Very strange, maybe I deleted it by mistake with the phone in my pocket?
It seems very strange to me, I don’t even know how to delete it.
Patience, it means that now I will only do routine and this smartapp I will definitely abandon it sooner than expected

As I have mentioned before, I fell asleep with my phone resting on my stomach and when I woke up I’d deleted SmartThings Home Monitor and webCoRE and the rest of my SmartApps were being threatened. So these things can happen. I think they remain relatively unlikely though.