Smart Lighting Automations not Running (Sept 2021)

I have noticed that none of my 10 Smart Lighting automations are running. I have tried toggling the app off/on. I have created new automations. They also don’t run. Does anyone have or had this issue? If you solved it, how? I’d hate to purge and start over.

Location: US
Hub: V2

What type of devices are you using in those smart lighting rules?

Also worth pointing out that Smart Lighting will cease whenever groovy is shut down… most likely by the end of this year. You may want to consider switching them over to Automations or using Rules API.

So Samsung will stop Groovy around Christmas then? Curious how you know this? Is this a fact that you know, or a guess?

The June 2020 announcements said that Groovy and the IDE were to be shutdown “next year”. That means by the end of this year.

I thought of that, but the automations are still too limited. For example, While I can trigger an action at sunrise or sunset, I can’t constrain one to be between sunrise and sunset. Time also can’t be a precondition. Most of the automations run between sunset and sunrise (they are lighting) and don’t run otherwise. The only other option is to use a mode, but that then constrains other automations.

Devices triggered are items like GE light switches, smart bulbs, etc. Mostly triggered by door switches and motion sensors.

One my wife just asked me about was “why doesn’t the kitchen light go on when I open the back door anymore.” This automation ran between sunset and sunrise, but the garage light only went on if the garage door was open. i.e. you pulled into the garage and are going into the house.