Is there a way to get Smart Lighting back

A while back, I deleted Smart Lighting from my hub. I don’t even remember why…but now that the migration over to Edge has been completed for Smart Lighting, I’d like to have it back.

Is there a way to readd it after deleting it?

What country are you in?

I am in the US

in app
go to routine add a new routine, click discover and then you will see to install the new smart lighting


Automations > + sign > add routine > discover tab > scroll to bottom


And what about those not in US as I don’t see this option in discover tab.

It’s region locked, so some parts of the world don’t see/have this yet.


Thank you. Just to add for anyone in the future, you also have to actually create a smart lighting routine before it will actually install.


Not true, it is not completed yet

I meant specifically for the SmartLighting app. That has migrated to Edge. I understand the whole migration is not complete.

Mine is still Groovy, i have both groovy and edge versions with automations in both so for me the switch over has yet to happen, i am on a Uk shard perhaps the US shard is complete


After the SL migration (beta), both versions were still showing for me (with all the same automations). Once I had confirmed that the new setup was good, ST staff recommended removing the old version. I’m not sure why that didn’t happen automatically, or why the old one didn’t get toggled off, but I think this is considered “complete”.

My automations were not moved which points towards the full change not being complete yet

I have moved them today manually but for now and until ST report the change is complete i will leave things as is

As yet i have seen nothing official from ST on any progress to date, only guesses and assumptions over the last few days which is obviously more than coincidence but not an official announcement


Even though I can see “Smarter lighting” under discover tab I don’t see any option to install it.
What am I missing?

‘Smarter lighting’ is a section title under ‘Discover more routines’ that contains pre-built routine templates for ‘Gentle wake up’ and ‘Motion lights’.

‘Smart lighting’ should be in the ‘SmartApps’ section underneath that, if it is available to you. It doesn’t install in the typical SmartApp fashion, rather it only appears on the Automation page if you have any lighting routines built using it.

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As far as I understand I’m supposed to be able to add it via discovery tab which will be exist under “Create new routine” but I don’t have that tab.

It was replaced by a ‘compass’ icon at the top of the Automations page in the last update.


I still can’t add Smart Lighting from the discovery tab as all I can find there are just suggestions.
The last one called Smarter lighting but it’s just an example on how to build an automation.

Doesn’t your screen scroll?

I read somewhere that this feature is enabled based on your region.
The app was there for me prior to a factory reset that I did.
I think that was because I had the groovy version of the app and it was installed automatically.
Anyway, there is no reason why I will not be allowed to install it again.