Smart lighting?

is smart lighting staying or going
i curently use it to turn lights on when a door opens and off when closed
would it be posible to add that to the normal routines along side the auto off after a certain amount of time .

A new Smart Lighting plugin is going to be released. ST will automatically migrate the old SL rules over to the new version.

September 30 is the day they set to migrate according to the following post:


oh great thanks

@jkp is right, it will be migrated and will be a separate plugin, which means your configuration won’t be converted and listed as Routines.

thank you

Horayyy and REALLYYYYYY !!!

is the sentiments us already converted from SL groovy to multiple routine fools have on that one…

head on desk (thud) also sums it up

Yep, I too had moved my Smart Lighting routines over Automations, but I just moved a lot of them back and disabled the Automations I had made just in case they don’t provide a way for us to install this new Smart Lighting ‘plugin’. I’m concerned about it because they did something very similar the last time they upgraded from the old SmartThings Classic app to this current SmartThings app when they didn’t give us access to their Custom Monitors SmartApp unless you had Custom Monitor Routines setup in the SHM at the time of migration. I wonder what happens to those who have the Custom Monitor routines during this migration for those lucky ones who actually got the Custom Monitors SmartApp during the last migration.

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you’ve only got yourself to blame, by listening to some one in particular, who was telling people for 2 years they should be changing their Smart Lighting rules over to Routines, hundreds of posts easily found on here, I would suggest to only listen to official SmartThings announcements