Smart Lighting has disappeared

Smart Lighting no longer appears among Smart Apps on my Smart Things Hub v3.

I have logged out and back in. I’ve rebooted the hub, both from the Groovy IDE and by power-cycling. I still can’t see Smart Lighting in the app, the web interface, or in the Groovy IDE.

Any ideas what I can do about this?

Do we know when that is? It’s probably the only decent provided tool. Everything else of value comes either from this Community or WebCoRE :frowning:

no date has been given for when support for groovy will end. Since you mentioned webcore… I should also note that will cease also when groovy support ends


Ouch. I guess I had better start looking for another platform soon? :frowning:

I’m in the USA. If I were in a region in which it’s not available, would it have been available then become unavailable?

Irrespective of when it may be phased out in future, I have a large number of other automations that depend on a few things set by Smart Lighting (and that should, but don’t, work using tools available other ways).

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