Will smart things work with Sonos CONNECT and 3 party speakser?

Thinking about connecting a Devialet Phantom http://en.devialet.com/phantom/discover to ST through the Sonos CONNECT. Will this work or will ST only work with Sonos speaksers (Play1 Play 3 etc)?

EDIT: I think I mis-interpreted the initial question due to thinking he was referring to Sonos (Connect) SmartApp and not the Sonos Connect device

Yes. I have a sonos connect and it works just fine.

Thank you both for your reply’s. I am indeed thinking of the Sonos Connect device as I want to connect third party speakers to ST. @pstuart what speakers have you connected to the Sonos Connect?

I have an 16 zone Control4 Amp connected to a wide variety of in wall and in ceiling speakers throughout my house.