Whole house audio setup

Okay. I am working on trying to integrate my whole house audio into Smartthings. I was wondering since sonos speakers work with ST does ST also work with the Sonos connect amp? My current set up involves hidden in wall Induction Dynamics SD-1 speakers. They are really cool because they are totally unseen behind the drywall in the ceiling of each room. All of these speakers are home run to my basement. So I was thinking about a connect amp to each room allowing me to have control over each room for a multiple stream. For example I can be listening to my music in one room while my wife is listening to her favorite music in another. Also it would be cool to have the dog bark sound when someone knocks on the front door and no one is home but I could set it up to have the bark sound in one room and then another and another to give the elusion that the dogs are actually running around in the house. If someone has a better or easier way to integrate my whole house audio speakers I am open to new ideas on this project.

Yes works with sonos connect, I use it…

That is good news. Now once local presence is available with ibeacon or some other device where it can accurately determine the location of people in the house this whole house audio setup will reach full potential with being able to recognize who is in what room and our music will follow us as well as audio alerts will then be able to be sent only to the room that is occupied.

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@pstuart I know you stated you were using sonos connect amp. Do you know if ST will recognize multiple connect amps?

I don’t see why not. I have a connect and a play 1 it sees, should see all it can discover.