Smartthings and Sonos

Another noob post as I am throughly confused. I looks like Sonos used to be fully supported. I was looking around today as I am looking to get a few sonos 1’s for around the house and it looks like they do not talk with ST like the use to. I don’t see anything in smart apps and I am a little confused how the integration works now. If I decide to go that direction will I need a sonos hub or can I run the speakers off the ST hub? What is the “best” smartapp to use?

The current integration is broken.

They did work (mine used to work). They do work for some people still.

Unfortunately, the rest of us are still waiting on ST to fix things on their end.

Oh lovely ha ha. It seems since Sammy has taken over fit has hit the Shan. Or am I off in that perception?

I was using the Sonos speech to text for a lot of things, like my favorite app talking alarm clock @MichaelS. When it works, it is awesome!!! I put in a ticket months back but I am still very patiently waiting for a fix @slagle. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like anything is coming anytime soon :confused:. I’ve been keeping an eye on the site to see if anybody comes up with a usable work around. Very sad, as this was one of my favorite parts of Smartthings

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