Anyway to integrate SmartThings with existing stereo?

I’ve checked out the page listing supported speakers already, but unsure what’s required to accomplish the task.

Currently have an older stereo receiver that works perfectly, even though it was purchased 20+ years ago and want to connect SmartThings so that it’ll play alert tones for various actions. I’ve been resisting getting anything else. Exhaust personally I don’t care much for home audio systems made nowadays geared towards home theater.

So what I’d like to know is there anything that you can purchase which allows them to communicate with each other. Like I said, it’s old so it doesn’t have Bluetooth or anything.

I’d hate to spend all the money buying a new receiver just to have SmartThings occasionally play chimes & dings.

I’m surer some might suggest just getting a cheap Bluetooth speaker and have considered doing that, but feel it’d be more aesthetically pleasing to not have a random speaker placed somewhere that’s taking up space plus barely would get used.


Do you still use it for playing music?

All the time.

Sonos Connect could do that, it makes Sonos streaming available as a source to your existing set. And at the same time it connects to ST.

When I first heard about multi room speakers I’d thought about buying Sonos speakers, but they’re ridiculously priced, especially if you want the entire system.
Plus I am still not convinced they sound good enough to justify the cost.

Sorry for the rant.

Connect is not a speaker, it connects your good stuff to the internet. Search for a second hand one if you don’t want to spend too much.