Wiki Links and Description consolidation

I have been a user and lurker on this and various related forums for the past year or so and too this day i still find new links that opens up new worlds into the smartthings platform, only today did I find (by chance) links to both the Rules API documentation page and new SmartApp Javascript SDK.

Feels like the re-structuring of the platform has left a trail of good and important aspects of links, especially for power users, and that’s fine if you have been accustomed to this from the start but as a new user who stumbles upon these things it looks like a mess.

I would love to see a single page that lays down all the important tools and links with some kind of description for things like Groove, WebCore, Rules API, Developer programs, SmartApp SDK etc etc.

Think this will help alleviate some agony and questions in the forums, especially in a period when things are changing rapidly.

Like i said, a small description of what each “technology” means and does in relation to SmartThings with appropriate links would have been nice for new users wanting to get a grip of what’s out there.



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