Smart Lighting smartapp groovy code

I would really like to improve the Smart Lighting smart app code, based on a number of features that I’m thinking of… and I would like to get inspiration on the code.

When will it be published @Brad_ST @SmartThings?

We are retooling all of our internal apps. If you want to learn more about the new direction, check out the docs on our developer portal.

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Will you be going away from groovy?


Hi… sorry but sharptools pricing strategy is completely against why your users choose ST. Rule Engine is free.


Yep… and if you like to work with it efficiently then its $24/y. Then the commercial is complete :wink:

… anyway… anybody who have seen the Smart Lighting groovy code laying around somewhere?

The SharpTools Rule Engine is completely free. No limits on number of rules, devices, events, or anything.

You may be thinking of the dashboard wherein we offer a free tier with a single dashboard with up to 15 tiles and a premium tier that unlocks additional dashboard features.

Smart Lighting source code isn’t available as far as I’m aware. To Jody’s quote above, SmartThings is working on a new Rules API that should provide a great set of features for developers:

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Direct Answer: SmartThings has never released the Groovy based source code for many of its SmartApps and Device Type Handlers, including, most sadly, “Smart Lighting” and “Smart Home Monitor”.

I doubt this will change with the new API.

SmartThings is not an “open source” product / platform. They release some code - mostly to assist outside developers to use as templates. But the examples released tend not to be core functionality of product.

Great thanks.

Yup, why would you release the code when it states first page: “SmartThings was built by developers, for developers. We recognized that only by creating an open development platform, will the power of the IoT be fully unleashed.”

I just misunderstood the intro. Sorry. Why make it simple when you don’t need to?! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m thinking there is a great unleashed potential out there. I just don’t hope Ikea or Google makes a simple thing which works in minutes… Then we would be really bad off.

OMG I shake my head. :vibration_mode:

Where is this quote? URL?

But… It’s probably obsolete. The originally built SmartThings ≠ Samsung.


The URL is dated 2018 and seems quite recent:

Smartthings could be so good, but it’s maintenance is lacking.

Why is there no “app-store”? You would probably say… but there is. Then I would claim there isn’t. 30 apps in 5 years which clearly are not being maintained. Now I am trying to create a initiative and I’m being told that the API is moving to a commercial platform.
I’m being told that I should not bother. Come on. ST are not making it easy for them selves.

More of our API surface is open to the public and documented now than ever before. I don’t think anyone here is saying don’t bother in general. For some things we are moving in a different direction, than the way it was in the past. Internally we are building new things using the new tools I linked you to. We haven’t released everything we are going to either. If you want to provide feedback please send your detailed notes to

As for SmartThings being a commercial platform, it always has been. We have released some things into the public to inspire, some things we haven’t. We have been working with community developers on our new rules engine for example. There are always going to be spots where SmartThings won’t be able to be everything to everyone and we will continue to lean on the developer community to meet those needs.

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Sorry @jody.albritton, thank you for being positive. I actually like the ST setup but I’m plain simple frustrated. I do like programming and it’s quite simple to get started, but my ambition is for an application similar to Smart Lighting and I simply don’t have the time to make my own version of Smart Lighting from scratch. Then I get really annoyed when the product is so close… but still so far.

That documentation is clearly deprecated.


As for the SmartApp-Store (“Marketplace”) - that concept was abandoned a few years ago, even if the placeholder still exists in the (deprecated) “Classic” App.