Sorry to ask.. Where is SmartThings API?

Is this a website? done on a smartphone app, or installed to a computer…

the instruction literally starts with “In the SmartThings API, Create a new Smartapp.” I am trying to find out where that even is… sorry for what I guess is the stupidest question ever heard.

Depends on which instructions you’re referring to. Below is the newer development portal.

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Hello @Green_Acres,

Here is the reference documentation of the SmartThings API, you can interact with its different endpoints through the URL provided there, for example, helps you to get the devices list.
If you want to start interacting with the API, using a tool such as Postman, you should create a Personal Access Token.
If you want to create a SmartApp, this post is an excellent starting point:

This tutorial covers the development, installation, and live logging of a SmartApp.

If this answers your question, can you please mark it as solved? If not, let me know what’s going on and I can dig in further.

oh my goodness… sounds complicated… lol I bought 6 of the hubs, so I am already invested so i better download a manual and start reading before i even attempt to get online with it… IF someone has a Manuel bookmarked that would be awesome, otherwise ill search for it, print it and get to reading!

thanks for the responses

What exactly are you looking to do? Most users only need to use the SmartThings mobile app.

I use blue iris with deep stack and AI Tools… AI Tools Triggers my cameras, I then want given the specified parameters (ifttt) for that alert to also trigger smart switches that i have places all around the house… some will trigger 1 light switch and others may trigger more… but thats the jist of it

What instructions were you following that said this:

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I think it should have been in the Smartthings IDE not API… None of those things need the API. Just the APP and IDE
IDE is here

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THanks That makes a lot more sence… . It was for BI Fusion an intergration app for Blue Iris

Then @cjcharles has you going to the right place. Just beware some features of that app don’t work in the new SmartThings app and Classic goes away October 14th.