Is there any good rules-api documentation?

I just spent way too much time following the poor documentation on github and I was wondering if there was any reasonably accessible documentation available. It’s as if that stuff was put up there and forgotten.

The documentation at Welcome to SmartThings | SmartThings Developers is very hard to parse out usable information.

Take a look at this from github…

“greater_than”: {
“left”: {
“integer”: 50
“right”: {
“device”: {
“devices”: [“15E8ED60-422A-45D7-91A6-131502BE77ED”],
“component”: “main”,
“capability”: “switchLevel”,
“attribute”: “level”

Guess what? It’s not going to work, because greater_than is not known. It’s actually supposed to be greaterThan

Done venting…

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There is documentation here:

that shows the Actions, Conditions, and Operands and offers some short examples of using them.

Hi, @mrfitz98

Sorry about that, I’ll mention this to the team to check these samples are up to date.

Additional to the documentation shared by @h0ckeysk8er. You can take a look at these posts:

I’ll be around in case you have further questions :smiley:

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Now that I’ve got the “greaterThan” sussed out it’s on to the next question…

Is there a limit to the conditions I put in my “and” ? Right now I have 3; time, mode, and humidity.

Thank you.

When it comes to documentation, the answer is “burried in the community forum” since the main documentation is either incomplete or woefully outdated. Just say’n that’s how ST roles.

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