Wifi disconnect when I leave the driveway?

Does anyone know of a way to have your phone disconnect from home wifi quickly, say as soon as you leave your driveway? Mine tends to takea while to transfer from wifi to cell.

Perhaps you could tell us what make and model of phone you’re using, as well as the O/S version.

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Samsung note 9

You can use tasker to turn off WiFi when you connect to your cars Bluetooth… but it’s not really something smartthings can handle.


Turn down the power strength of your WIFI signal. This will produces less coverage to your driveway.

I’ll second the Tasker suggestion. It’s probably one of the best utility Apps I’ve put on the phone (and well worth the small cost).

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Can u point me in the right direction, tasker is still fairly new to me.

I am set up more with geo fencing (detecting if I am near cell towers around home or work), but the same idea can work by detecting if you’ve connected with the car’s BT. So, set up a profile that fires when the car’s BT connects. Your entry task would be to turn off the WiFI radio. You can also set an exit task to turn it back on.

Tasker is pretty complex (kind of like drilling down into ST + webCORE). There is a Google Groups community, and the developer runs a forum.

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I’m also using the geofencing method too, it takes a little longer when leaving for my garage door to close then when I arrive so I’m trying to tweak it as much as I can. I did setup the tasks as well, it works but it s not changing the timing though.

I would think for closing the garage door, using the trigger that your phone has connected with the car’s BT would be preferable?

For my geofencing scheme in Tasker it’s to tell the phone when to turn on or off the WiFi radio. The concept is if the phone is connected to cell towers I’ve identified as around the location I know I will be connecting to WiFi, then turn the radio on. I also have it subsequently detect when it’s actually connected to that WiFi & make some settings (e.g., turn off the ringer & other volumes at work).