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Trying to create something in tasker that will disconnect my phone from my wifi when my phone connects to my cars bluetooth when I’m leaving the house. Can someone throw some help my way?

Quick Google search netted this.

Profile: State ->Net -> BT Connected then set the name of your cars Bluetooth. You may actually need to be close enough with it active to pick it from the list.

Task: net-> WiFi -> set off

Or do you need more than that?


How will you trigger it to know you are leaving the house?

Another consideration…use SmartThings Phone presence. I used to have the car BT setup as Don outlined, and also had a similar setup with AndroidAuto. I found though, if my wife took either of the cars, my phone was always close enough that the mode would change. I switched to using Presence. You can do this via the SharpTools Tasker Plugin.

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I also just realized this is the same question you asked in this thread where they were trying to help you.

Yep, this is the method I’m using. I’m trying to get the garage door to close quicker but its proving tough to do.

I believe your going to find what you want hard to achieve. Your having to deal with the delay of using IOT and communication back and forth between the interfaces?

Not sure if it’s possible, but could you use some type of driveway car presence detection as your trigger (with other possible conditions) for the garage is empty and the door can be closed?

I would think your going to have to invest some time and money to build something yourself to get the fast results you want.

I personally find anything using geolocation to be slow, delayed and susceptible to inaccuracies.

You might have to resort to actually mashing a button on the garage controller for the close and use geolocation for the opening.