Leaving home wifi triggers garage closure

Is it possible to close my garage door when I leave home and my wifi disconnects?

There are a few options like this one:

Yes, just add it to the “Goodbye” routine:

If you don’t have an Asus router that you can use. And standard smartthings presence doesn’t work well for you. But you have an Android phone. You can always use tablet to send the events directly when it disconnects. You can even make it simpler by using @joshua_lyon sharptools which has a tasker plugin and you can turn on and off devices that way.

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Simplest way is to use a routine like @Benji pointed out.

If you are looking for more advanced features to open / close the garage door (delayed timers etc) and you have access to RBoy Apps then check out the Garage Door Open/Close SmartApp

Would like to try that but I don’t have access to the server

@RBoy’s apps are well worth paying for in my opinion but if you’re not comfortable with that, just add it to the routine like I mentioned above.


Definitely will at some point