Faster activation when arriving home

I wasn’t sure what category to put this in, and I attempted a search but did not find the info anywhere. I would like to find a way to get my system to activate faster when I return home. I have tried using both a presence sensor and/or smartphone with the geofence. I have the geofence in the app as large as I am comfortable with for now. However it still takes the system anywhere from 10-15 seconds, while I sit in my driveway, before it sets back to “home” mode. I would like to have it respond faster and be at least 10-15 seconds ahead of my arrival. Does anybody have a good way to do this without expanding the geofence farther?


Try Life 360 that’s what I use, However it’s not always 100% but my garage door will open about 85% of the time before I get home.

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Some Android users are using my app, SharpTools, to setup custom presence devices.

In some cases they trigger the location events using Wifi or Geolocation to be more accurate and in other cases I’ve seen setups where the phone will trigger the presence farther away, but will prompt the user with a notification or voice prompt asking if they want to take some action like opening the garage or unlocking the door.


My 2 cents, and worth every penny, is not to start adding apps and changing settings and moving your wireless access point around willy nilly to solve the problem. If you haven’t done it already, setup separate routines that don’t open the door. One routine will send a push and text saying the presence fob has arrived, and a totally separate routine that’s identical but is just for the phone. I’d try that for a few trips and note the response times. Now that won’t solve the problem but You might find the detection is fine but the actuation is slow, or vice versa. You can also look under Things in the app and watch for the indication of either present or not present. If you change too many things at once or just start adding apps you may solve your problem, but you may not and probably won’t learn much from all the changes. From there, you can plan step 2.

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Thanks for the replies. I already had Life360 on the phone but had not connected it to SmartThings. Once I did it solved the problem and now all works as expected!