Wife's phone not working as sensor properly

My wife and I have the same iPhone6 (set up exactly the same way, same release, location services turned on, etc.) and her phone doesn’t work with the hub properly. Right now, for example, it shows it as “present” although she’s many miles away at work (it didn’t show her leaving this morning). The same is true on either the app on our phones or on the web browser (she’s on my account, with her own login, of course).

Her GPS works (she used it yesterday for walking) and, as I said, everything including location services for the app is turned on. Any ideas why the phone itself isn’t working as a sensor and what I can do about it? (my own phone works great without any issues as a sensor).

I’ve had a similar issue where my wife and I both have Nexus 5 phones with the same location settings. My presence status has been pretty solid for months, whereas my wife’s presence goes flaky every 2 - 3 weeks. One thing I’ve noticed is that if I open the ST app on her phone the presence will often get back in sync. I’m wondering if it has to do with the fact that I open ST on my phone pretty regularly, whereas she almost never opens it.

I’m going to have her try logging out and then back in again on the app to see if that makes any difference.

What’s weird is that it was working fine Friday (I can see the log from then) but then hasn’t worked since (no other entries since then despite her coming and goings in the last three days). So it definitely has stopped.

I was experiencing the same issue with my wife’s iphone several weeks ago. I followed the troubleshooting suggestions in the first two posts in this link and it has been working flawlessly ever since. Still not sure what change made it work, but it does.

Same problem here. Not a coincidence in my opinion.

I’ve tried all the troubleshooting tips (which basically say “see if Geolocation is turned on” which it obviously is and/or adjust the circle, which I’ve done and works fine for me) with not much luck. This morning it finally DID show my wife’s phone 'left" about ten minutes after it did (she was at work when it finally responded, which is about 10 miles away from the edge of the circle). That kind of isn’t acceptable.

I’ve thought about getting one of those portable sensors to help but I’ve seen nothing but bad comments about how they work. I’m going to guess it’s something to do with multiple users here – because so far I don’t see many people saying they are having much luck with multiple users. It’s too bad Smartthings doesn’t allow you to just set up multiple accounts with the same hub and not “share” the same account, because then I could mess with the geolocation for her and her alone.

Oh well, at this point in time it just confirms what my wife thinks about home automation (which is it’s a PITA). Too bad, really, because it works great for me and I think it’s wonderful, but it’s hard to sell her on getting more with all these issues.

Okay, so I tried this Life360 thing and it’s pretty much a disaster – can’t get it connected to Smarthings even by using these instructions:

(I keep getting an error no matter if I use my phone or my email, although I can log in to Life360 on my phone or computer just fine).

I think I’ll just give up and let my wife think automation Ain’t Ready For Prime Time (which, to be frank, it isn’t quite yet).

I used ifttt a while ago. Might switch back soon.