Iphone 6SE and Location Services

My wife and I are avid Iphone users. We have been using smartthings for 6 months and have very few issues. My wife recently got an IPhone 6SE and it refuses to stay home (or at least that’s what Smartthings says). Last night between 11:00 pm and 7:00 this morning; her phone said she arrived 12 times; (and I swear she never left bed). has anyone had a similar issue or have a solution

You can always take a look at this thread for some options (a lot of members on here will recommend Life360).

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Also check out this thread

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I so miss being active in the community. :frowning:

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Well, in my case the presence indicator insists on not working as expected. Me and my wife have Iphones with everything set. But as of now I’m very dissappointed with this feature.

It was doing great after some throubleshooting and in the next day no more. My wife is out of home now, but according to ST she is here.