Iphone always present on smartthings

My iphone 7 was working fine with my smartthings app to say when I am present or away. I noticed a few weeks ago that the presence sensor stopped working for my phone but my wife’s iphone 7 works perfectly.

I have tried:
-hard reset
-turn privacy (global) on/off
-delete the app and install
-log off and on
-change settings for location services in the app
-expanded my area
-Wifi turned off then on
-Turned off then on cellular
-delete device in app then start with new device

Nothing has changed…

Looks like you have done just about everything I can think of. I assume you have also tried a hard reboot of the hub. I couldn’t tell if you meant you hard booted the phone or the hub. If not you might give that a shot. Beyond that it may be time to contact support.

When you say hard booted. I unplugged it for 10min then plugged it back in.

With the batteries out?

Have you tried Control, Alt and Delete?

Seriously though, Under Privacy, Location should be set to always.
Background App Refresh should be on for Smarthings.
Make sure you are not logged out of the app (sometimes it does this on it’s own)
Leave the app running in the background.

Make sure your built in Maps is set up under Locations as well. Mine just says when using.

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I’ ve done all of this, but I still says my phone is always present. My wife does not have this issue, and our settings are 100% identical (since I’ve set it up for both).

We are both on iPhone 6s and latest iOS

Make sure the working phone is not logged into smartthings with the non working phones login credentials. If I log into my dads smartthings app using his credentials, something I have to do regularly, to build new pistons, it boots his phone “away”, and stays that way until I log out and he logs back in. This happens even tho my phone is not a thing on his hub. Just another thing to try. At least from my experience, if you use 2 phone and same login credentials for both, it won’t work.

Ya didn’t even think of that. Both phones need their own account. Is wifi turned on both phones as well?


I see im not the only one that has this issue. My iPhone works properly, all of them have. My wifes iPhones (which have been 3), have never worked, she has her own account. What really stinks about this is that it ruins the ability to have any notifications on when away, if she is at home. I have to tell the hub I’m home so I don’t get bombarded with notifications.

I finally got it working. I did two things. I removed her as a account user and deleted her phone on ST. When I arrived at home that night my phone recognized I was home and turned on the lights. The first time in months and when I left the house phone went to AWAY and the alarm was set. To clarify my wife has her own user/pass. To go the extra mile I deleted her app and reinstalled.

The weird thing is that my phone was always present so I didn’t expect it for it to recognize me when I got home last night.

I am getting very frustrated with ST. Now my wives phone is stuck away. The inconsistency of these as a tracker is frustrating. I don’t know how they sell these with a security option. With so many false alarms there is no way to really trust it.

Anybody getting anywhere with this? This has always been a bit flaky for my wife and I, typically requiring a hub reboot (using separate accounts), but it has gotten HORRIBLE since we both upgraded phones. My phone seems to work great, whereas hers is usually stuck in Present.

Her phone has Location Services “Always” for SmartThings and Background App Updates “On”…

Not sure what else to do here.

I logged out with my wives phone and all went back to normal. I also deleted and reinstalled the app. Don’t think that did anything but worth the effort.

I see that you tried just everything that you could and you can do no more. Maybe the problem is in your phone. iPhone 7 tends to show some from time to time. When I had mine, I remember I was often frustrated and wanted to shove it somewhere and get rid of it. I’m not talking only about different apps, I’m talking about the phone itself. Eventually, I traded it at https://buybackboss.com and bought myself a brand new iPhone X. Now that’s a good phone. It works smoothly and I don’t have any problems with it and it’s much, much better than my previous one. Should’ve done it earlier, but I waited, I don’t know why. Big mistake.

When using the classic ST app, my iPhones were very reliable as presence sensors. Late last year, when Samsung announce they would be moving everyone to the new ST app, I took the plunge and went ahead and moved all my devices (about 25) and automations to the new app. For the last 6 months, I’ve been fighting the poor reliability of the iPhones as presence sensors. First, unlike the classic app, in the new app I couldn’t see the status of my phones, present or away. In the new app, when I left, I never knew if phone left or not. I was constantly turning off and back on to use the phone as a presence sensor. Then after doing that, I would have to add the phone back into the automations. Last week after continually reading about the reliability of Life360, I added that to my 2 iPhones. While a little cumbersome having to use the classic app to add the SmartApp, after that, the setup was pretty straight forward. There’s a YouTube tutorial available which was very helpful for the setup. While I don’t have much experience with Live360 over the past week, it has been 100% reliable. With Life360, in the new ST app my iPhones again are dependable, acting like they use to act in the classic ST app.