ST thinks my wife is home

She’s not. Nor did she leave her iPhone here.

Anyone have an idea how to “clear” her status in ST?

Don’t use the mobile presence as a presence sensor? It doesn’t work too well, I get the same issue before. I decided to use a different program rather than the built in ST mobile presence and it solved all my presence issues.

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It has been pretty reliable for me. And I can’t change it in the middle of a snowstorm, with my wife out of town.

remove her for now… i use life360 myself because I was encountering the same issues with my wife’s iphone but worked fine w/ my android. She had that installed on her phone so I just added it into ST and think i’ve only ran into a presence issue once in the last 6 months.

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Not sure the wife would be happy about that :wink:


Has she opened her iPhone app recently? Sometime it won’t update until you open the app.

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One thing you can do is ask your wife to power cycle her phone and connect to a WiFi, then restart the SmartThings app. The app should refresh her state immediately.

I swear I have noticed this for both the GF’s iPhone and my SGS6 in the past. The presence thing is weird, most of the time it works perfectly for weeks and weeks and then we’ll have a few days when we get stuck either present or away, then it’ll be fine again.

What you have to remember is that this isn’t entirely ST’s fault, it’s also the phone though I can’t speak for iOS, on Android your location can either have ‘coarse’ accuracy or ‘fine’. If for example you have WiFi turned off and your phone can’t get a GPS lock, it’ll be ‘coarse’ accuracy which is basically location based on cell tower/zip code, as you can imagine that has the potential to wreak havoc as it did for me once sitting in a Target parking lot around 2-3 miles from my house and my ‘presence’ kept bouncing in and out when it would get GPS lock and then lose it again.

Ideally ST would tune the presence detection based on location AND whether or not your phone has connected to the same network your WiFi and ST hub are on. That way there are two checks being made to confirm/validate presence.

Yeah, I’ve noticed this too. I’ll ask her to open the app.

And she rarely ever opens it, even less now that I’ve made a SmartTiles dashboard customized to her.

The app has a terrible UI.

Opening the app on her phone did it.

Made her log in again.

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She’s already out of town… The hard parts done right?


I figured that might be the root of the problem. Phones these days don’t seem to like leaving apps running in the background that you never open.

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The only times we’ve had issues with the presence sensor from an iPhone has been when my wife has gone in and shut down all apps, including the SmartThings app. Except for the one time she left it in airplane mode and wondered why the door didn’t unlock, etc. That’s in about a year of use.

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