Wife and I got new phones

Previously when I have picked up a new phone, I’ve had start from scratch with smart things, I had to remove all the smartapps connected to the old phone presence sensor, then delete the presence sensor, then add the new phone, and finally reconnect all the smartapps I have to that new device.

Please tell me there is an easier way? A migrate phone feature, or something.

I just did this 2 days ago. You don’t have to delete the smart apps. Here is what I did after asking support.

  1. Add new phone to ST as a presence sensor
  2. Go to things view to the old phone, click smart apps and go through each one and deselect the old phone and select the new phone.
  3. Go to dashboard home and family - deselect the old phone and select the new phone
  4. Go to Things view and remove the old phone from ST

I agree a migrate tool would be easier but this is better than deleting smart apps. HTH


I am assuming when you add the new phone you would have to give it a unique name. It will have the same phone number as the old one; that is the source of my confusion. If I get a new phone, it will have the same phone number and I would like to give it the same name. But I think I need to give it a unique name until I remove the old phone, and then rename my new phone. Am I right?

Yes. Don’t worry about the number part. Having a unique name is only going to help you when moving all your apps over to the new phone.

An easier solution to this could be to use Life360 rather than native ST presence profiles. I haven’t tried this but this may eliminate having to re-configure all your apps/routines. I’m assuming (hoping) once you setup Life360 on your new phone then the profile will seamlessly transfer over to ST.

Right now I’m using Life360 due to a known issue with v2 hub and not having the ability to create multiple presence profiles. I’m getting a new iPhone soon so I will see if this simplifies migration.

It may still be possible that by logging on to a new phone with your Life360 account it still creates a new device ID (tied to your new phone) and you may still have to go through all your apps/routines.

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