How do you change phones without having to unravel you're entire setup?

Is there anyway to replace your phone in smart things without having to unravel EVERYTHING that’s been setup in smart things that is tied to the phone…? I don’t see anyway to do this which seems super stupid?

What do you mean by “tied to the phone”?

  1. Do you mean the phone as an “arrival / departure / presence sensor”? That’s the only stuff “tied to your phone”…

  2. Everything else is stored in the SmartThings Cloud and you get access to it from any phone/tablet upon which you install the SmartThings App.

If you mean #1 … then welcome to SmartThings… imagine what happens if your Hub fails. “Everything” (well, every ZigBee and Z-Wave Device and SmartApp) is tied to the Hub, even though the data is in the Cloud. Migration tool is not provided.

It’s not automated, but it’s not that difficult.

  1. Add the new phone, preferably with a different name from the old phone.
  2. In the mobile app, navigate to the SmartApps tab for the old phone.
  3. Systematically select each SmartApp associated with the old phone and edit them, adding the new phone and removing the old phone.
  4. When the list of SmartApps associated with the old phone is empty, you’re done and can remove the old phone and rename the new phone, if desired.
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I just changed my phone. I removed smartthings from the old phone installed it in the new phone and logged in with the same smartthings id. I assumed that the phone presence will automatically be linked to the new phone. I don’t see my presence changing at all. Can someone please help me setup the new phone as a presence sensor?


I was able to solve my own problem. I had to manually create a mobile presence sensor using the add a thing button and all good now.

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How did you fix the issue? It won’t add my wife’s phone to the list. She can controls and see everything on the SmartThings app but it does not recognize her phone