IPhone as a presence sensor - how to migrate handset

Hi all,

My wife and I use the smartThings app on our iPhones as a presence sensor. My wife has just purchased a new handset and I was hoping by logging into the SmartThings app on the new handset it would immediately take over as the presence sensor for her.

Sadly her presence is now stuck and the system thinks she is at home even when the handset is moved.

Two questions - first how do I find fix it, ideally short of deleting the presence device and recreating.

Secondly can anyone advise on the right way I do his migration as I’m due an upgrade soon.

Thanks in advance.


You’ll have to add the new phone as a new Thing. Phones are in Coming and Going category. It will be easier if you give it a different name from the old phone, at least temporarily.

Once added, you’ll have to manually add it to the SmartApps associated with the old phone. Easiest way to do that is to go to view the SmartApps associated with the old phone and systematically edit them, adding the new phone and removing the old. Once you’ve transferred them to the new phone and cleared the list of SmartApps associated with the old phone you can delete the old phone from your list of things and rename the new one, if desired.

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I’ve had a lot of problems keeping my iPhone and ST coordinated. Regardless of my actual location, currently ST thinks I’m at home all the time. It’s frustrating and a repetitive problem.

I just migrated from iPhone 6 to 7 and no action was required. My presence is working just fine on the new phone with no changes in SmartThings. This is my first handset upgrade since I started with SmartThings and I’m guessing that if the new handset is restored from the previous iPhone handset backup in iTunes you don’t have to do anything at all.

That has been my experience as well. Restore phone from backup and it just works.