Got new phone. Whats this do to my rules?

So I had to replace my phone due to water damage. I got the same phone as before and have logged into the ST app on it. ST app has been removed from the previous device. What do I need to do to get my rules and everything obeying properly?

Unless you were using your old phone as a presence sensor, all you need to do is login to your account. All data you see in the app is associated with your account and stored in the cloud.

With that said, given how screwed up their cloud is at the moment, you may be having issues.

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Yes, I was using my old phone as a presence sensor. Does that mean im going to have to edit all my smart rules?

Sorry i can’t say as I have never set up a phone as a presence sensor. Perhaps someone who has can offer up some advice.

Well crap :smiley: Guess we will find out in about an hour LOL

I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t have to do anything extra about your rules - unless you chaged the name of the phone. I just upgraded to a new iPhone 6s+ and named it the same as my old iPhone 5s without difficulty.

@chowder007 The mobile presence sensor is related to your phone. If you have new one and want to use it as a mobile presence sensor, you have to register it again.

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How do I do that? It’s not showing up in the add new device area.

Is it possible to put it in place of the old one? Will I have to redo my rules?

In my experience, you will not have to re-do your rules. I recently replaced mine as I mentioned above and no rules needed to be changed.

Hi @chowder007, how did you get on with this? I have to do the same and the only option I have is to delete the old phone but that would remove the associated rules too.

Yeah you have to remove any rules associated with the old device. Basically any rules that are using the phone as a member of that rule. IE: rule based on phones location.

User experience is rubbish as usual. This is the reply from support:
"To help transfer everything across, it would be best to add the new phone as a mobile presence sensor. This can be done through the Marketplace.

Once this has been added:

  • Select My Home > Things
  • Select the original Mobile presence sensor > SmartApps > Select each SmartApp and swap the Presence Sensors over
  • Once this has been done, tap on the settings cog in the top right > Remove

With this now removed, your new mobile device should work correctly as a presence sensor."

I recently upgraded from my 6s to an Iphone 7 and did absolutely nothing. I just restored from the cloud and logged into the smartthings app on the phone. My presense works fine etc. I have had to change nothing. Not sure if I got lucky or? Was as easy as it could be.