Smartthings Mobile Phone Migration

Greetings. I have been using ST for a few years (started on Classic), and now am required to use the new app as Classic disabled. I set my phone as a presence sensor and integrated it into automations which worked beautifully. I upgraded my phone but kept the same number. The prox functionality did not transfer, which I expected, but after a couple of hours of research am completely baffled as to how to accomplish this. Any help greatly appreciated!

To enable the Presence sensor on your new phone - in the ST app, tap on the Menu tab, select Settings (the cog in upper right) and enable Get Location for this Phone.

Before you enable it:

  • To preserve your existing automations, you may wish to create a virtual presence sensor and edit any Routine that contained your previous phone and put the virtual presence sensor in place of the old phone. Save those Automations.
  • Login to IDE at go to the My Locations and tap on the Location name. Then proceed to the My Devices and look for the old phone presence sensor and delete it.
  • return to the ST app and enable Get Location from this phone as noted above.
  • Edit your routines and replace the virtual presence sensor with the new phone’s presence sensor.
  • and test, test, test

THANK YOU very much for the quick and detailed response.

is it just me, or does this seem a whole lot harder than it should be? In general, I sure do miss Classic, but again I am sure that is just me.

Again, many grateful thanks.

Many users miss the Classic app so you are not alone.

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