How to transfer presence sensor to new phone

My old Android phone died and had to get a new one. In ST my phone presence sensor still says I’ve been present since 2 weeks ago right before my phone died.
Logging in with new phone hasn’t updated it.

The easiest way IMHO is to add the new phone as a new presence sensor - name it New - then go to the old presence sensor smart app view - go through each smart app and remove it from the old sensor and assign it to the new. then when you are done - rename your new phone the same as your old phone - BAM done

I just did this yesterday for maybe the third time.


For future flexibility, you might set up a virtual presence sensor that is tied to all your automations, then a core piston that syncs your phone sensor with the virtual sensor. That way when your phone sensor inevitably sticks one way or the other, you only have to delete it and readd to a single automation rather than all of them.