Widget or Status in iOS?

Is there a way to get the status in iOS “Today” when swipe down from top? I can add widgets to run routines but there is no status or feedback there. Until I open the ST app, there is no way to see the status.

Any advise for it? Use a third party dashboard app?

I was using Glimpse with SmartTiles, but now with the security lockdown of Smarttiles, I am not sure it will work anymore.

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I’d love to say that SmartTiles can help, but not in our current design. We’re a “web app” and don’t have short-terms plans for native integrations (unlike Sharp Tools for Android). There is obviously an opportunity here, but we have to focus on one thing at a time. A hybrid approach is really tempting (i.e., bulk of our functionality in the web app, but some companion utility(s) for widgets and notifications would be great for @625alex and I to consider.

Stay tuned?

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