SmartThings Status on main page no longer available on iOS

In the last few days I’ve lost my Window/Doors open. Battery status offline devices etc from the front page. Is this a new bug or something unique to my setup. Running on EU servers using iOS app.


not unique to your setup. I have the issue and another user reported it in another thread: Some Android users seem to be having some issues as well with the Status tiles.

Probably a issue on the ST cloud.

report it to ST through the app, tap on Menu and select Contact us.


I’m only seeing Weather available on the Home Status list in the iOS app as everything else is now GONE! Android is still showing most everything still.

I found them under the information icon. They don’t work but that seems to be their new home

Is the missing information such as Offline, Low Battery from the top row of Favourites being addressed please?

Hi @Jeff_Gallagher ,

This is a known issue and we are aware of the situation. If we need more information to resolve the problem, we will let you know.



This is also an issue on Android, status tiles have been steadily dropping out recently - currently down to 3 (weather, temp & humidity). All others dropped…

Hi @TheHundredthIdiot,

Please close and reopen the app. If the issue persists, it’s crucial that you first record a video showing the issue, ensuring to scroll horizontally if needed, and then immediately generate the logs. Please send both the video and logs to for investigation.

It’s important that the video and logs match because our team compares what’s observed in the app with the recorded logs. This ensures accurate troubleshooting.

For generating and sending the logs:

  1. Go to Menu > Gear Icon > About SmartThings.
  2. Tap the SmartThings logo 10 times.
  3. This opens the developer’s space. Tap ‘report a problem’.
  4. This action generates a log file needed for investigation.

Thank you!


Good morning,

Thanks for your response, I will attempt to gather the information you need but this is not always observable. For example since my initial post, sometime overnight, the security tile has reappeared?

It does seem to persist over app restarts and across devices too…

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Ok, when you see the issue reoccur, please send us the information we requested so we can open a case for investigation.

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I’m also having this issue on Android since months ago. I’m missing the light status, all others work as expected.


I’m on ios, the only status showing is lights. Missing doors for sure and maybe battery.

Yup, I’m seeing the exact same thing.

Seems like it’s a systemic issue, so not sure asking for individual logs makes a whole lot of sense…. Maybe we can just skip that section of the support script and get to the part where you fix the problem? :wink:

Lights in status bar broken again.

Our team has already found the solution, and it will be fixed soon.


Thanks Luis. Any ETA on the rollout of the fix ?

Not yet, but we are aware of this situation, once we have the fix I will let you all know.


Hi Luis,

The issue seems to be resolved on iOS. Pass on my thanks to the team

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Wow! Looks good, my app just started showing everything. Still resists editing the lights, but we’ll be patient. :+1:

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:+1: here too, finally!

But it should have not happened in the first place. And for that matter, it should not have taken so long to be resolved especially since we’re seeing other enhancements. Like a little puppy in the map view, and while new features were being added on the Android app platform, all while this was happening on the iOS app platform.