Status of Dashboard Tile: iOS vs Android

I use the “new” Connect app, last update

On my Android phone (SamsungGalaxy S10) the status of some devices on the top dashboard is only and permanently displayed with “Status is being checked…”. For example the thermostats from tado, but also the temperature and vibration sensors from Aqara.

On an iPad with iOS 12.0, however, correct values are displayed in these tiles using the same smartthings account and settings.

I use devicehandler from bspranger for Aqara and fuzzysb for tado, nothing exotic on this end.

Why is Samsung not able to show the values in those tiles, but Apple does?

You’re not alone. It’s been like that since the “new” app was released a couple years ago.

Have you had a chat with the (dth) developers or opened a support ticket with SmartThings?

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Hi @jody.albritton, I experience this all the time even across Android devices. Here’s an example: (on my phone and the other is the SmartThings web client beta)

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