Widget issues. Android Smartthings Scenes widgets not working

OK, So I had this problem once before, where my Android Smartthings Scene Widgets weren’t working while on mobile data, which was resolved by turning off Data Saver on my Galaxy S9.

Another time this was resolved by toggling Smartthings to run in the background.

I’ve been transitioning some switches to Edge drivers and rebuilding the Scenes and Widgets.

So, after replacing the old with the new, they are working fine on my S9, but are not executing on the wife’s Note 10. I toggled Data Saver (On to Off), Background Data (Off to On) etc… but still just has a spinning circle arrow when pressing the scene widget.

If Smartthings app is closed and then opened, the last pressed widget scene will execute, but they still do not function subsequently, with ST app either open or closed.

Any ideas?

** So, it’s working now. I guess giving it an hour or so might be the remedy, Can’t say for sure.

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