Galaxy watch scenes widget

Seems there was a recent update which now allows direct access to smartthings scenes from the watch’s widget (swipe left or turn the bezel) You can choose which scenes the widget controls. I ended up creating three widgets for my 3 most common scenes, as it meant less scrolling.

There’s also a devices widget but it’s easier to control multiple lights via a scene than scroll through individual devices


How many times you need to hit the widget to make it work? I have a 25% hit ration, maybe less.

I found I was accidentally pressing the scene when I had multiple scenes on one widget (Another reason for moving to 1 scene per widget) but there have been a few times when I needed to press again. I suspect this is related to how up to date the watch’s view of smartthings device status. I only got the 1.5 update this morning but it seems to be a little better at maintaining that state. More testing needed :slight_smile:

Thanks! I will look for the update.

No update here yet. I also would love to be able to use the watch as a trigger, but the watch won’t let me turn that feature on.

Check this thread for your watch/country :slight_smile:

My watch does have ‘use as a trigger’ enabled but it doesn’t show up when I try to create an automation. It does show up in the IDE though under a different location called ‘MyStatus’

Ah, you meant One UI 1.5, I have it already. The widgets and the app really is a hit and miss. I haven’t seen with any other app the message, than with the watch. Something like, “the scene has been run correctly but some devices were unavailable”.
Even if the phone has good internet connection and it is 50 cm away from the watch connected through Bluetooth.

I have seen that (can’t remember if was post/pre 1.5 upgrade) I’ll check more closely next time to see if it’s a false positive or if, in fact, some devices weren’t available.

I saw that problem last night. My watch had been on the charger and I picked it up and hit the ‘bedtime’ scene and got that error (and all the lights stayed on) I hit it a 2nd time and they all went off. I wonder if the watch needed to resync the device statuses ? Although, for a scene it doesn’t need to know what state the devices are in does it ? it just needs to tell the hub to execute the scene ?

I would think the same way, but probably the guys at ST thinks it differently. Look at the scene builder in the new app. You cannot select a device which is offline to build the scene.
@brad_st, why is it required to sync status before executing or editing a scene?

Smartthings devices show on my galaxy watch however my favorite scenes that are in the app do not show on my watch. is there a fix?

What do you mean by favourite scenes ? none of them appear on your watch ? or just some ? Have you tried creating a new scene to see if that appears on your watch ?

Can you see your automations ?

its just a widget on the Galaxy Watch. it supposed to show the scenes you have in your smartthings on your watch for easier access. i have only one scene in my smartthings (that i deleted and recreated) and it shows in the smartthings app but does not show in this widget

Ok I finally figured out my scenes issue on my watch. Scenes and automations must be created in the new app only. I was still doing it in the classic. I recreated it in the new and it’s on my watch now. Dummy me :frowning:

Now can someone help me with an issue with my watch and the IDE? When I turn on the setting on my watch “use watch status” it creates it’s own location in my IDE called “MyStatus” and I can’t figure out how to get it in the “home” location with the rest of my devices

this is known problem, but Samsung does not know anything about it…

are you replying to my question above about the watch creating its own location and not being able to use it as device in automations? or were you replying to someone else?

Sorry, my mistake, should be this link New app, MyStatus, Galaxy Watch