IOS Widget works only for a split second

I’m using new SmartThings 1.6.49 on an iPhone 11 Pro Max with latest iOS. I’ve set up the SmartThings app to use the widget by selecting the scenes I want to see in the widget. When I swipe from an iOS home screen to the widget page I see the scenes I’ve selected in the widget for just a second and then the widget switches to “Unknown Error” with a button that says “Try Again” which produces the same error. Any ideas for a fix or things to try. Seems like it would be really useful if I could get it to work. Thanks.

The new app has widgets for up to 8 scenes

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I wonder if signing out of the ST app and signing back in might resolve the issue.

Thank You! Signing out/in did the trick. I had thought about doing that but was nervous about what I might lose. Had to rearrange my home screen but everything was there and the widget seems to work fine now.

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My bad! I failed to mention the main dashboard gets reset when you logout/login.


No worries - just glad to get the widget to work. Thanks for your help!

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