Why my wearables are not displayed in SmartThings API?

And nor in Windows App?

Brand and model of the devices?

Galaxy Fold3, Galaxy Watch Active2, Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Buds Pro.

Neither of these are showing up either in SmartThings API, nor in Windows App.


Those are not considered mobile-connected devices and that’s why they’re not exposed in the API. They are just Bluetooth-equipped devices and don’t have a device handler assigned so, there are no known capabilities for them.

Aha, cool, my picture is getting clearer, thank you!

And then I guess this is why SmartTag is considered “mobile-connected device”. In spite it’s connected the “same” way as my Buds (via Bluetooth).

Also: in SmartThings on phone, I can see both the watch both the buds (and also smarttag).

From the API (due to these are not considered mobile-connected devices) I can only see smarttag (as unsupported).

Smartthings find can find all devices on the phone, but online (via browser) it can only find phone, watch and buds, and the smarttag is not presented there.

It’s really mixed up, if you could please describe a little bit more on why and where are these line barriers on what is what.

Thank you so much!

The difference is that the SmartTag is connected/activated through the SmartThings App. If you search in the devices catalog “Galaxy” devices, you’ll see only different models of SmartTags, this means there’s a device handler available for them in SmartThings.

The other Bluetooth devices don’t need this specific configuration, they only appear in the Bluetooth configuration of the mobile device and they can be paired, you don’t need to install the SmartThings app in each device for them to work.
In the developer documentation, it mentions that Bluetooth devices will appear in the app automatically and you’ll see some settings but I believe they work on a plugin level (ST app) which means no information is saved in the API.

I think, if you follow that link, you would form the conclusion that they are mobile-connected devices, but that mobile-connected devices come in two flavours, Bluetooth Devices and SmartThings Find Devices. As the SmartThings Find Devices are connected by BLE you might think ‘Bluetooth Devices’ is poor terminology so, for once, you can sympathise with the SmartThings app deciding to call them Personal Devices.

SmartThings need a Director Of Terminology whose job it is to decide what to call stuff.

The Bluetooth/Personal Devices are basically just playthings of the app at the moment. Which is a crying shame as even just exposing their connection and battery status to the API would be ridiculously useful. If my-bluetooth-headphones-that-never-leave-the house are connected, then I am at home.


Yes, indeed.

And not exposing something in API for “security reasons” feel like if we were in the ancient times when a whole group gets punishment for one’s fault.

If I personally want to access my data (location, battery, etc), why can’t I just confirm that yes, I’m aware that I’m exposing these data to this API, and I’m fully understand and accept all consequences.?

And also: why is SmartThings Find on the phone can find my SmartTag, and not SmartThings Find on web? :slight_smile:

(Okay, technically it’s Find My Mobile, but it also finds my watch and buds).

But terminology here is way too messy and fluid (just summarizing):

SmartThings on phone:
1 Personal devices
2 Some room
-smarttag (can’t be put into personal device) Why a SmartTag can’t be my personal device?

SmartThings on watch:
nothing is available (???)

SmartThings Find on phone:
can find everything

Find My Mobile online:
can find everything except SmartTag (???)

SmartThings API: only shows SmartTag but nothing is available (security concerns)

SmartThings Windows: only shows SmartTag as unsupported.

You’re missing the biggest part of this.

You are seeing thwbend results of two traditionally unrelated functions (control of Bluetooth connected devices and SmartThings) slammed together into one ne app for the convenience of Samsung.

Before Classic was retired and newapp was a thing, Galaxy devices managed thier own Bluetooth stuff.

When Samsung created newapp, they told SmartThings oh by the way youre also going to manage all the Bluetooth stuff on a Galaxy device if you install on one because Galaxy phones will no longer ship with a Bluetooth management app. So make that happen.

They did. Thats the class of devices you’re talking about. They feel disconnected from the rest of the SmartThings ecosystem because they essentially are. Theyre only managed inside the app because Samsung didn’t want two apps that control devices loaded on the same phone. (and confuses the heck out of thier customers)

My Galaxy phones can still manage Bluetooth devices completely outside the SmartThings app. They have to be able to because SmartThings is an optional app.

Apart from the SmartTags, which are something of a special case, I have never used the SmartThings app with my Bluetooth devices at all. I could do but it would be pointless as they are quicker and easier to work with outside of the app. I may have accidentally paired with a neighbour’s TV while adding other devices in the app, but that is about it.

The Personal Devices can be managed inside SmartThings but this functionality is a relatively recent development for the app. It doesn’t particularly confuse me but it does seems rather a pointless development unless integration with the API is planned.

Its NOT an optional app on my US S10+ Graham… You also cant decouple your Samsung account on the phone fromnthe Samsung ID used in SmartThings.

In my lower range models it can be completely uninstalled. Indeed I am not sure it was even installed to start with. It does couple with the phone Samsung Account though. There isn’t a logout.

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Yes, it’s relatively recent, as Samsung decided to move the “find” function of (for example) watches and buds into that application.

Before that these devices were not embedded into SmartThings at all.

And by the way Samsung did a huge step backwards, because see this video from 2017: How to Find My Phone Location on Samsung Gear S3 - YouTube

This guy could check his phone’s location from his watch. Today in 2022 it’s not possible.
And then, Samsung creates a SmartTag, which only usable in one single application (no API access, no platform-independency, no device-independency)

I wish to get back these feature. But it’s only a wish, Samsung never listens to its customers. :frowning: