SmartTags Not Showing Up on Partner's Account


So I just got myself some smart tags, I did everything to share them with my partner. He has been added to my home and i put the smarttags on “sharing” mode.

On his phone he can see the home but the smart tags are not showing.

I myself have a Samsung but he uses iPhone, I read on Samsungs website that he can still do the same as me with the SmartThings app on AppleStore so I don’t understand why the tags won’t show on his phone.

The SmartTags only work with Samsung Galaxy devices. The best you can do with other phones is to use


@orangebucket I just logged in with his account and it doesn’t show the devices. Can he only see the devices when logged in into my account?

I can only go by what I see on Android devices. The tags are installed by default in a Room named ‘On the go’ and they are visible to all the Location members on any Android device. However they are only functional on the Samsung devices. On the others they are labelled as ‘Not supported’ on the dashboard tiles and the SmartThings Find app isn’t available.


I see. Thank you for helping me!

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