Smart Tag location service as api to any BT device

Hi, is there any API from samsung for the samart tag service that i can use in my BT watch development?
by using the smart Tag location service i can have real time location for my kids watch. Currenlty most of the kids watch requre 3G or 4G conncetion and the user expirince is really bad. A service from Samsung can sove a really huge problem in these devices.

I think this is one for @nayelyz or @erickv from developer relations to look at to make sure you get the right advice.

I am only aware of Developing Your SmartThings Find Device | SmartThings Developers as documenting this area.

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Hello, @George_A

Currently, the interaction with the Mobile-Connected Integrations is only available through the SmartThing Find service that @orangebucket mentioned above