Why my hub/devices disappeared

New user here … I got on a smartthing wagon about 10 years ago or so …I hooked samsung hub, remote lights …door sensors etc …I was able to control this from an app and all was good. I think last time I used it was about year ago or so .

I got on the app today, which does not look like anything I recall from the past (auto-updated?) I do not see my devices and doing + on devices is not finding anything.

So looks like there were “improvements” made. I know hub is on the network. I doubt that all my devices went “bad”. I am guessing that my hub model was phased out ? Not compatible ?

Can someone direct me what I should do next ?

First thing you may want to check is that you don’t have more than one Location. I assume you are in the new app so click on the menu (three bars in the upper left of the screen) and you should see your Home location listed near the top with a down arrow. Click on that and check if there may be a second one. If yes, select it and see if your devices show up. Let us know and we can show you how to remove the other empty location.

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Thanks for prompt help. There is only 1 “my home” and when I click I only get option to “add location” in addition to “my home”…below that I have icons for rooms …devices …scenes and so on … at this point I am not even sure if the app is seeing my hub. Is there way to check that ? I have wi-fi enabled on my phone and it is Samsung S8.

Ok, login to IDE at https://account.smartthings.com and verify your hub/devices show there

ok… when I log in to the link above, I can see my hub/devices.

Now, the smartthings app somehow is associated with my samsung account ? When I tried to-relogin it does not recognize my smarttiings credentials.

What should I do now ?

That is what I was expecting. I believe your SmartThings account has not been migrated to a Samsung account yet. You can try installing the SmartThings Classic app and logging in with your SmartThings account and see if you are prompted to migrate. If not, contact ST support.

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thanks a lot … I went thru the update process and now I can see all my devices within new app. The hub shows “off line” even though I am able to control other devices. Weird.