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Why is this system so broke


Again my lights did not turn off this morning. I can turn them off with the phone app. I wish I could find a better system.

(Stephen) #55

I now have every hub you can buy excluding Zipato. Unfortunately they all have their quirks. Are you mainly automating lighting? Staples has been the best so far for that. It isn’t very useful for much more due to its limited amount of compatible devices. Wink’s lighting situations when tied to schedules works pretty well but the delay in motion sensor to lights on is terrible.

(Tracy Fleming) #56

I think you missed the point here.

(sidjohn1) #57

If the point of this tread is simply to complain, then you are right and that is a point i will always miss. From my experience with smartthings and most other products ~half of the time something is broke, has turned out to be my fault. Normally due to my own ignorance. I have well over 60 devices (zwave, zigbee and IP) that work with ST very consistently. When they don’t, i look into the logs to see why and a solid half of the time i didn’t set something up right or didn’t take into consideration what exactly my automations would do once i set it up to interact with me.

While yes, it is possible i missed the point of the tread, @tfleming675 seamed to miss the point of my response. If you take the time to look at the logs you might realize you are part of the reason your system is so broke, just like i used to be.


I have looked at the log. I have posted it here a few times. I am open to any advice to make this work.

(sidjohn1) #59

Indeed you have posted live logging logs which are one way to see whats going on in your environment. The post tfleming is commenting on covers WAY more than just live logging. I’ll be honest @Judgless i have no desire to go deep diving into someone else environment to determine whats wrong, but providing tools or distilling info to help people figure out weather or not it’s smartthings or them is my speed. If all you are looking at is live logging than i would recommend taking a deeper read of the FAQ below and overview the logs of every component that is required to turn a light on i.e. hub, device (lightbulb) and smartapp:

In the end you may simply see its scheduling issue and completely on smartthings but adjust the time +/- 2 mins may make it more stable. It’s also equally possible with everything you have posted to be a distance/interference issue, a crappy custom smartapp, a crappy custom devicetype or a crappy quasi supported device.

So all the advice i have is use all the logs and test till you figure it out.

(Steven) #60

I’m surprised to hear anyone say their issues are their own fault. The built-in automations like Smart Lighting are dead simple, and still fail to run many times. There’s some core issue regarding scheduling due to the cloud.

I just wish we could run our own ST cloud as a VM or something. I’d pay for it. A fully local version with some cloud tie-ins for external services would be the best yet.

(Bobby) #61

Ok, so let’s review your posts a little. But before that, you need to understand that scheduler is broken and is nothing you can do to fix it on your end. There are a few ways to avoid that. Either use lux level, motion sensors or your phone. With that being said, let’s begin:

Scheduler issue. Nothing you can do. Change your approach to automation or wait for ST to fix the scheduler. Is coming soon, hopefully by the end of the year!

GE link bulbs are capricious and a main reason they are not supported devices. Using them, is on your own risk. I have my GE bulbs going through Hue bridge and have no issues, maybe that would work for you too.

That won’t help but for a short time. Scheduler is broke, ge bulbs are not supported devices, in few days you’ll be back in the same situation.

Sure, that happens when the scheduler is broke. It may be fixed by the end of the year.

Sure, the log confirms that scheduler is broke and GE are capricious. The scheduler might be fixed by the end of the year, and slight chances that GE bulbs will behave the way you want them to, because ST doesn’t belive they will, or else they would be on the official supported devices.

So in summary, scheduler is broken and will be fixed in the next 10 years. GE bulbs will continue to behave strangely because they are not officially supported.


This just happen to me now. All my outside lights came on at 5:15. They are set for sunset. Here is what I show for sunset in my dashboard.

This is a snap shot of the last status of the bulbs.

That shows that they changed state 10 minutes ago. Around 30 min early


What does that mean? Is the Smarthings Scheduler in the cloud broke? Or is there something else?

(Bobby) #64

Yes…check this thread out

(The fish is still dead.) #65

Yes. It has been for well over a year.


My outside lights did not turn off this morning. That is like 5 days in a row. It used to fail maybe once every 4 days. Now it is every day. There is no way it is an interference issue. 100% of the time I can turn them on and off with my phone. It is a scheduling issue.

(John) #67

Yes. I see the problem too.


Another day when my lights did not turn off at sunset. It almost seams that sunset no longer works in the system

(The fish is still dead.) #69

It’s a long-standing problem. Maybe two years now? As has been mentioned previously in this thread, the SmartThings scheduler is broken. They are working on a replacement.



I’m really not sure what’s going on with your Smart Lighting app, but I’ve had a Smart Lighting rule set up since day 1 of it’s release for turning on/off my outside lights at sunset/sunrise. Prior to Smart Lighting, I did the same thing within the Lights & Switches dashboard. I rely on this every single day (going on 2 years now), and only once it did not work. Do you have anything odd happening with multiple rules, or modes, or zwave/zigbee mesh issues?

(sidjohn1) #71

There are many ways for this to be the case… my personal favorite (as it has bit me several times) is multiple smartapps that do slightly different things to the same devices. The automations made sense individually but as they triggered in real time turned into a complete mess. Some of these were from my own smartapps… live and learn… Forgetting that zwave/ZigBee devices do have a limited range seams to be pretty common on the threads as well as not wanting to do proper wiring(neurtral).
As the scheduler has been flaky for a while there are ways around this. I have found sunrise/sunset +1 or +2 mins is more reliable than simply sunrise/sunset. IDK why Rules Machine seams more reliable than Smartlighting, but it has been my experience and is an option. Also IFTTT can trigger sunrise/sunset events too. Finally if sunrise/sunset is very serious for you… use all 3. ie IFTTT for sunrise/sunset, Smartlighting for sunrise/sunset +2 and Rules machine for sunrise/sunset +4. There are lots of ways to skin a cat, sometimes you need to use all of them… wisely :wink:

(James) #72

Every once in a while one of my GE Link bulbs will behave this way. I find that turning off the physical power switch for 30 seconds, then turning it on fixes this. YMMV.

(Steven) #73

My GE Link bulbs are not reliable either – but I don’t think it’s really the bulbs’ fault. For months and months, they worked great… then out of no where, I had to reset them with the power switch daily… then no change on my part, after a few weeks of daily headaches, they just started magically working again. I can’t see how that’s a bulb issue… I believe there was a minor hub update in that timeframe. Now my closet lights are seamless with the door opening, like they should be. I don’t trust them enough for anywhere else in the house though. If I have additional issues, you can bet they will end up on my Hue hub.