Why do things a simple as a scheduled task not work 100% of the time?!

This is getting extremely old. I shouldn’t have to babysit the status of my devices to make sure they turn on/off when I want them to. I only have a few devices right now, since I’m in the “testing” phase before my new house is finished, and even with only like 3 devices, I can’t get them to work reliably.

I have a schedule for a light to turn on/off (it’s for a bearded dragon terrarium), and for whatever reason today, it decided not to turn on. WHY?! This is stupid, something as basic as this should always work.

I’ve had a similar thing happen with another light that I have scheduled to turn on at sunset and off at sunrise if I’m Away, yet occasionally it will just not do it, even when my status is Away.

Similar issues with my thermostat. I’d say about once a week, maybe twice a week on average I have an issue with these sorts of things. It’s been there for months with no signs of improvement. Extremely frustrating, and these are just some of the issues I’ve had. I want to love Smart Things, but so far the execution is abysmal.

Being that there are not very many devices, are they close to the hub? If they are too far away, messages might not be making it to the devices. If you have a lot of devices, the mesh network would probably be stronger.

Known issue with scheduled events in the last 24 hours

Identified - Some users may be experiencing issues connecting and controlling their devices. We have identified the issue and will update when it is resolved.
Mar 17, 15:19 EDT

Short answer: growing pains. I personally am not using ST for anything except convenience use cases at present. I feel I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth for those, but if the light doesn’t turn on automatically at sunset it’s not a big deal for me to turn it on another way.

I would not currently use it for health and safety use cases, including terrarium or aquarium or pet feeder schedules, unless it’s just for convenience and you can do a manual operation if it fails.

Yes, they are all within about 20 feet of the hub. Also, I don’t even see any messages saying that it TRIED to to send anything to those devices, so I don’t think that’s the problem.

Okay, at least this one is documented. That’s fine, and I can accept it as growing pains. I just hope that it doesn’t last for much longer. Perhaps all of the other ones were documented as well, I’ll have to remember to check that site, thanks for the link. They should really add that into the app itself, as it would be much easier to note such an event.

I agree with not using it for anything considered critical, my lizard was a bit bummed when I got home (luckily a bit early though), not the end of the world, but I’d like to avoid it in the future. I’ll see if I can set up an alert if the device isn’t triggered, or worst case just fall back to using the old school wall timer.

Welcome to ST. Today is typical. No sunrise events. ST down twice so far, so that routine things don’t work. Just another day at the office…

Note that they’ve been “growing” for over a year.

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I’ve had the sunrise sunset issues starting this morning as well. It’s not typical but it does happen from time to time