Smart Lighting is broken again

(Geko) #1

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I have a Smart Lighting rule to turn on the lights when motion is detected, but only after sunset and before sunrise (with some offsets). This’s been working fine for many weeks, until this morning. The lights now keep turning on all day long. I tried re-saving the app to reset the schedules, but it did not help. Needless to say, I’m very frustrated with this system.

Smart Lighting automation with timers not triggering reliably
(Larry) #2

Same here the other day. I reported the bug but no response.

(Rudi Prunzel) #3

Yep, I’m having the same issue since Yesterday.
I’ve found out that “again” some of the smartapps (including Smart Lighting, but was not the only one) next schedule job was in the past. Just updated the smartapps with the new IDE feature (see below) and now they are working again.

(Geko) #4

Tried it and (not surprisingly) it didn’t work. To be sure, I’m very excited about all the new and creative ways they come up with to reset broken schedules, but even if it worked, I don’t have time to troubleshoot and babysit this hopelessly broken platform. :angry:

(DLee) #5

+1 I’ve been having to turn off lights manually this week. And the Big Switch like smart lighting switch trigger also failing frequently for days now.

(Jimmy) #6

Mine broke yesterday. Have one to turn off a switch when away and between sunrise and sunset. It ran after sunset and put the dog in the dark until we got home.

(Korban Hadley) #7

Mine is constantly breaking. It will work fine one day and and not the next. It only seems to be getting worse since Samsung took over. Instead of fixing the core issues they keep adding more features.Soon as something comes along better I am ready to jump ship. This is getting very frustrating. I have the first Gen hub and been a SmartThing user for almost 4 years.


Part of my reluctance to post issues is not knowing where the issue originates. I have 2 issues which may or may not have been related to issues others have been regularly reporting.

The first issue is my goodnight routine sometimes doesnt run as scheduled. I set it for 10:28 so it wouldnt be too popular of a time, and it was running, but it missed last night. Still says next scheduled for yesterday. This shouldnt be smartlighting because its a routine right? Anyway, what “app” issue or category of the forums should i be posting about, following for updates specifically related to this issue.

Second issue is my wifes iphone presence is working off and on. I had thought it was due to the “logout” issue, but when they fixed it, her phone still occaisionally doesnt detect. I’ve done all the troubleshooting i can, but still intermittent over time. Again, what “app” issue or category of the forums should i be posting about, following for updates specifically related to this issue.

I think the forum needs a category for support/top issues so we’re not posting in the wrong places and have an easy place to go to find our issues.

(John) #9

Scheduling is broken. Smart Lighting and any time driven app is affected.

(Geko) #10

But according to, everything is hunky-dory.

All Systems Operational

(John) #11

Yep, but when has the status board been accurate?


Any updates or workaround for this broken-ness?

My simple lighting automation that is set to trigger between sunset to sunrise (with offsets for each) does not work?

(Stephen) #13

If routines are initiated by motion sensor are they firing properly?

(Geko) #14

My solution to this problem was to move the lighting automation over to Wink hub. It’s been working without a hitch for the past week. The latest Wink update added Sunrise/Sunset offsets to the schedules. Unfortunately, there’s still no offsets for the Robots. Other than that, it works just fine.

(Korban Hadley) #15

I have lots of connected devices. I see almost all are supported by wink. How do you like Wink? I am just tired of my scheduling not working with Smartthings. I would think after 3 or 4 years they would get it working.

(Geko) #16

I’d think so too, but unfortunately, they have not. Wink is 1.5 years younger than SmartThings, but it feels more mature. Conceptually it’s very similar to SmartThings (minus IDE and SmartApps). It’s cloud-based and Everything is done through the mobile app, which is very well designed and easy to use. It does not crash, does not display weird error messages and does not lock you out of your account.

Wink is not as flexible as SmartThings, since there’s no SmartApps, custom device handlers, etc. But it does have a built-in scheduler for timed events, a decent built-in rules engine, called “Robots” and an ability to create “shortcuts” for the most frequently used actions (sort of like ST routines). Shortcuts can be activated from iPhone widgets or Apple Watch, just like ST routines. Wink also works with Alexa and IFTTT. It also has a cloud REST API, so you can integrate it third-party platforms.

The most frequent complaint about Wink is its response time to events, and yes it’s still a bit slower than ST but it’s definitely gotten better in recent month. And in the last firmware update they’ve enabled “local control”, i.e. the app connects to the hub directly, bypassing the cloud, when both are on the same network, resulting in a very fast response time.

Bottom line, Wink is simple to use and more reliable than SmartThings in my experience, but you are limited to officially supported devices and cannot extend it via custom plug-ins.

(Bob Anderson) #17

“No incidents reported today.”


(Bob Anderson) #18

Or just program it yourself. Maybe this is the way to go.


OK so the workaround seems to be (at-least worked for me, ymmv):

Delete the smart lighting automation and creating a new one (not to mention entering all the parameters over again, sigh). This got my automations to work again (including sunrise/sunset settings). Given the flakiness of this setup, maybe a “reinstall” option (along with the existing “remove”) will be useful in the smart lighting UI. The “reinstall” can automate my manual workaround (of deleting and recreating, while preserving the params).

(Ray) #20

There is an update option on the IDE just for this. It’s suppose to reset the schedule. Until it craps out again of course.