Why is it so hard to remove a device?

I don’t know if this has been discussed before but it is incredibly frustrating to remove a device from every single smartapp before you can delete it. Has anyone found a faster way?

I have 3 devices that stopped working and I’m trying to remove and add them back but first I have to go to every smart app and remove the device first. Some devices have 12 different apps that I have to remove it from. Then I’ll have to go back in and add it to all of those apps again.

There must be a way to make it easier to delete a device without removing it from every app. Having the ability to transfer app assignments to the new device would also be really helpful.


Agreed. This is a common use case that should be better supported.

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I’m not sure when this got added, but I was fixing a broken switch and discovered the “Replace this Device” option. This is great because it lets you remove the device, pair the new one, and transfer all SmartApps to it. Soooo much better than before. Did you see this option?

I used it to repair my ZWave switch this week and it worked perfect! The problem is that function is to only replace an identical device. If your changing the hardware model or type, it’s still painful as hell.

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Really? How do I find this? I’m guessing the Windows phone app does not support this yet?

You have to go into a device itself and there is a replace option. ST has not done a good job of advertising this new feature. There was a forum topic awhile ago on it.

Mind posting a screenshot? I don’t see it. Thanks

I believe it’s only available on iOS. I just realized you were using a Windows phone. Sorry about that. This is one of the main reasons I got rid of my Windows phone, none of the apps were as good…

No problem. I actually barrow a iPhone sometimes to do stuff on the SmartThings app because its better and has more features.

This is certainly an “obvious” and requested feature, but SmartThings has a very long list of such creatures. I’m curious as to their priority of each, but, then again, not sure if knowing the timeframe would be of any consequence. I think we can presume that stability issues have the highest priority, but everything else is influenced by factors not visible to the Community. SmartThings is hiring massively in order to parallellize development, etc.

The Z-Wave replace is a good indication of progress, but on the Developer Call (I think), it was made clear this was limited to very specific use cases, as noted in this thread.

I thought ST added the ability to replace a device already? Maybe my memory is failing… Replace being the key word, not all together remove.

There is an option for zwave only, not zigbee or ip, and only for the identical model, I believe.

Ah, I can see why from a programming perspective, but this is another example where they need to make thing more capability common than device common.

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I found the same to be true. I don’t remember what smart app I attached to what device. I find I have to delete everything just to be on the safe side. then re-add everything. that’s hard to do when you have so many devices.

If you open the mobile app to the Dashboard, then go to the Things screen, then click on the tiny gear next to the icon for the device you’re considering removing, and then look at the SmartApps tile on the device’s detail screen, I believe you can see all the SmartApps that are using that device.

You can probably do this from the IDE as well, I just haven’t looked there.


Thanks for bringing this up @mweston - the replace option is fine, but it’s a poor choice as a workaround for deleting devices.

I’m constantly trying and testing new devices, and I find removing old, dead devices to be an exercise in futility. Ok, fine. The system can’t (for some ridiculous reason) auto remove devices from existing smartapp and macro, but it also does not let you find which smartapps to which a specific device is a member – it’s insane.

How do we get this feature raised up to being on their to-do list?

Go into the mobile app, go to the things view. Click the settings gear for the device in question. Click the tile that says “SmartApps”. It will list the SmartApps that the device is a member of. This was just stated above your post


Has anyone else experience when removing devices - you get the “uh oh, looks like you removed the wrong device” and the device still stays in the app - and is essentially orphaned? even on a force delete you can not get rid of it. I’ll add the device back in and it will work fine on a new icon - but the old one stays. Seems to be happening more frequently.

“Has anyone else experienced” this? Yes!! I’m new to Smartthings, still learning my way around, and the first device I ever added (and later removed - because it wasn’t working right) is STILL THERE, despite multiple attempts to “Force Delete” it.

Why can’t I get it to go away?

I’m sure that’s frustrating! Support@smartthings.com should be able to help.