Removing things from Smartthings?

I’ve purchased another hub, not Smartthings, I’m going to be moving most or all of my devices to. Does it make any difference if I delete them from Smartthings before I do a reset on the device, or after?


In the past I have manually removed them devices from the App or IDE (without first resetting them) , and then re-added them by pressing their reset buttons (or what ever method they require) and that works, so I would imagine this should do the trick when moving them to a new hub.

If you’re going to keep running SmartThings hub with some devices for a while, I think you’d have best results by using the SmartThings app to delete the device first. Then do a factory reset on the device.

You can also delete the device from SmartThings using the app after the device has been reset but you’ll have to do a “force delete”.

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It’s cleaner if you remove them via smartthings first, but it shouldn’t be necessary.

If they are Z wave devices and you don’t remove them via smartthings then you will probably have to do a general exclusion before adding them to your new Z wave hub.

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Thanks all, I thought it was probably made sense to remove devices from Smartthings first, but wasn’t sure. This is probably a good idea in most pairings with hubs, phones, etc but as I don’t do this type of thing often it’s nice to have some confirmation.

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I am the inquisitive type. Why are you moving away from SmartThings and to what platform are you migrating to?

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I’m trying out Hubitat. Local execution and (allegedly) more complex automations are what attracted me. Still way to early to decide if one is better than the other though.