Can't Delete / Exclude Device

Migrated to the new app a couple weeks ago and now I can’t exclude or delete a device. The error given in the app is that “This device can’t be deleted because it’s operating normally.” Really? I’m aware it’s working normally, but I still want to exclude it and remove it to replace with something else. Just because it’s working doesn’t mean I don’t want to remove it. What kind of nonsense is this? So how do I exclude/remove a device now? Even the force remove doesn’t work.

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Similar problem here, after migration a switch appear offline and not working. Exclusion was not possible as switch was “offline”.
So add it again and its working with no problems, except that now I have “two” of them but one appears still offline. I’ve tried to delete it many times and nothing happens…

So tired of this crap. I just added 2 light switches and apparently that’s too much for the new app to handle as it completely reset my home screen that I spent way longer than I should have setting up. Now I have to go through and re-organize my damn home screen again…for the 5th time.

Such a piece of crap, and I’m sure I’ll get no response or explanation on how a basic feature should work but doesn’t. Just more excuses I’m sure, if there is even a response.

Same. Every day it’s a new “feature”.

I’m getting off topic here, but I’m going to rant while I can…

It’s the most un-intuative app I’ve ever used. And there’s some horrible apps out there.

Why can’t I turn devices on and off directly from the Devices page?

Why do I have to click into a device and then wait 45 seconds for it to “refresh” before I can do anything?

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Report it to

This happens if the device isn’t marked offline and I personally think it’s a bug since I should be able to force remove any device I want especially since device health isn’t close to perfect

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You can remove the device in the IDE (
You should first do a Z-Wave exclude, but doing so might be broken from the new app. You can also do it from the IDE at My Hubs -> View Utilities -> Z-wave Exclude.

(you can actually perform the Z-Wave exclude from any controller - not just the one the device is connected to. Here are some notes on that)

@RBoy Yeah reporting it to support is like reporting it to a brick wall. I already have a case open for another issue for 1 week that was “escalated" and I was supposed to hear back about but still have yet to hear anything.


@jlv Yes, I know I can remove from IDE, but doing an exclude is the proper way to do it to avoid possible issues. If the exclude doesn’t work then a force remove should be fine. But when you can’t do either of them from the app that I was forced to migrate to it just doesn’t make any sense.

In addition, if there is a bug or exclude is broken in the app, then why make everyone migrate to something that’s either broken, not ready, or half-assed? Or, why not let everyone know (published) that hey this doesn’t work but here’s a work around. I know that won’t happen though since they don’t care about support anymore.

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But do do it since it racks up the reports and then they prioritize it. I know it’s frustrating (I’ve been doing this for 8 years) but it does help. They don’t monitor this forum, the tickets are reviewed periodically.

Ok… I had the same problem. Got a lock, it doesn’t work, can’t delete it because it’s working normally. lol… no it’s not! It’s dead!

Which gave me the “solution”. I made a new room called “Dead Stuff”. Then I renamed the lock to “Dead Lock”. Finally I moved the dead lock into my Dead Stuff room. Which is essentially what actually happened. It’s in a box in the basement with all the other dead stuff I own.

You’re welcome! :slight_smile: