Why I Can’t connect a Nanoleaf Matter Bulb with Smartthings station?

Hi, I´ve bought a smartthings station for testing a device we are developing in our department. The problem is that trying to connect a Matter Bulb from Nanoleaf that works with thread, two errors appears in two different smartphones. In the first case, the error was 39-100, so I download the smartthings app in other smartphone, but then the error 39-390 appears. What this errors means and what can I do?.

I’m sure that’s very frustrating. :disappointed_relieved:

  1. what firmware version is the station at? You may need to reboot it to get the most recent firmware. (Don’t reset the station, just power cycle it.)

  2. specific model of the bulb which isn’t working? Also, make sure it has the most recent nanoleaf firmware.

  3. do you have other matter devices successfully working with that station Hub?

  4. does your Wi-Fi support IPv6?

FAQ: What do I need to add a Matter device to the SmartThings app? Do I need a bridge router device?

Smartthings error messages aren’t usually very specific, but other community members have reported that error 39- problems with adding the nanoleaf matter Models were typically fixed by updating the firmware on both the hub and the lamp. Matter is a new and rapidly changing standard and it’s unfortunately a little too easy for things to get out of sync. :thinking:

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